Ivoclar Vivadent Introduces a New Programat Generation of Dental Furnaces Enhanced with Smart Features

Posted on July 2, 2021

Ivoclar Vivadent is a global market leader at the forefront of continuous innovations in the field of dental furnaces. Now, this 40-year success story continues with the launch of the second generation of Programat furnaces, outfitted with the next level of modern, intuitive, and smart furnace features and design.

Ivoclar Vivadent is one of the world’s leading suppliers of integrated solutions for high-quality dental applications, offering a comprehensive range of products and systems for dentists and dental technicians. With the launch of the next generation of Programat ceramic and press furnaces, the company once again demonstrates its innovative strength. In addition to well-designed solutions that optimize proven features, such as the infrared technology (IRT), fully automated press function (FPF), and digital shade assistant (DSA), new software enhancements and smart features have been added to the Programat line of furnaces to make everyday work in the dental laboratory more efficient.

Modern, intuitive, smart: new Programat series impresses with a host of refinements

The new generation of Programat press and ceramic furnaces feature a modernized design and more comfort in the day-to-day work of dental laboratories than ever before. The high-tech design concept and color of the new Programat furnaces will blend harmoniously into today’s modern laboratory surroundings. New features include a redesigned cooling tray, optimized to provide more space and better cooling of marginal areas. A new membrane-sealed keypad and customary color touchscreen display ensure fast and easy operation of the furnace. The graphical user interface (GUI) has been adapted and enhanced to match the preferences of customers to ensure even greater ease-of-use in everyday applications. New symbols and clear icons enable straightforward and intuitive operation, facilitating the handling of the furnace and increasing the efficiency of the work process.

Designed to do more than “just” fire: Programat with IoT connectivity

Designed to do more than press and fire, the second generation Programat series functions as a smart dental assistant for dental technicians. Due to their loT connectivity (Internet of Things), the new Programat furnaces offer additional benefits. Users can register their device on the Ivoclar Vivadent customer portal and subscribe to a free “report” to receive monthly usage summary information on their furnace. This allows users to optimize such critical functions as uptime and operation of the furnace in the dental laboratory. In addition, the report provides information on potential sources of error and facilitates maintenance and repair operations, enhancing the process reliability of the furnace in the laboratory.

Variants of the new Programat series

The Programat ceramic furnaces are smart specialists for high-quality firing results and will be available in three versions: P710 G2, P510 G2 and P310 G2. The Programat press furnaces are reliable partners for smart pressing operations and will be offered in two versions: EP 5010 G2 and EP 3010 G2.

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