250,000 Face Shields Delivered: Mission Accomplished for Panthera Dental

Posted on June 22, 2020

Panthera Dental is finalizing its assistance project for various Quebec hospitals in order to counter COVID-19, with a total delivery of more than 250,000 face shields. It is through the restructuring of production, the support of the community, the participation of several partners, and employees dedicated to the cause that the company greatly surpassed its initial production goal. Panthera will deliver its last face shields to the CHU de Québecin the next few days.

The project has allowed the company and its partners, such as Voxel Factory, Bodycad, Dicom, and many more, to sustain employment for more than 100 families during this difficult period. In addition to 250,000 face shields supplied to hospitals, Panthera will have donated more than 3,000 face shields to non-profit organizations.

The success of the project was made possible by the support of several partners and by the help of a community of more than 450 3D printer owners throughout Quebec, including the Covid3Dqc group. After providing the community with raw materials, Panthera received about 50,000 face shields from the Covid3Dqcgroup. Those face shields were then inspected, disinfected, assembled, and distributed to different hospitals across the province of Quebec.

“One part of the Covid3Dqc group production was dedicated to product delivery for local demand and the other part to the collaboration with the Panthera Dental company.This collaboration was established to very efficiently supply the various hospitals of Quebec. Thank you to regional coordinators and thank you to the Panthera Dental team members.” —Marc-Olivier Girard, Head of theCovid3Dqc group.

“The main goal of this project was to sustain as many jobs as possible in our great Panthera family. Our new headquarters’ factory, which is normally 100% automated, completely transformed itself to establish visor disinfection and assembly stations in order to respond to the urgent need for medical supplies. One thing is certain: Mission accomplished for our team and our partners!” says Gabriel Robichaud, CEO of Panthera Dental.

Now having a system in place for massive emergency production of medical supplies, the company says it is ready to respond to a call for assistance once more, should a possible second wave occur, even though it is not a situation that is wished for.

Panthera Dental wants to thank, once again, its numerous partners for their donations of materials or for their time commitment to the project: Simons, the Musée de la civilisation, GE, ABB, Filaments.ca, and many more.

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