Dentsply Sirona Lab: Passion and Harmonious Workflows for Laboratories

Posted on March 12, 2019

Depending on the task, the dental technology work process includes a whole series of individual steps that can be mastered in a variety of different ways. The optimum production method, the preferred materials, and many other factors have to be decided based on the case.

Holistic further development of dental technology

By cooperating with dental technicians, scientists, and universities all over the world, as well as with their Global Lab Experts Network (GLEN), Dentsply Sirona gathers impulses and inspiration from every aspect of dental technology, ensuring pioneering, scientifically verified innovations along the way. In this way, according to the motto "Inspired by your needs," they develop quality products for dental technology laboratories on a solid foundation.

The novelties that will be presented at the IDS 2019 follow the same principle. Among others, they include the extension of the all-ceramic system, Cercon, which has been comprehensively clinically documented. After supplementing the tried-and-tested zirconia brand to include the highly translucent (Cercon ht) and extra translucent (Cercon xt) variations in recent years, a special multilayer variation has now been added to the range – Cercon xt ML. This is an extra translucent material with various layers of color. It enables even better reproduction of the color progression of the natural tooth than was previously possible. As a result, the laboratory benefits from the color reliability of the tried-and-tested True Color Technology and the uniform sintering temperature, which we already know from Cercon ht and Cercon xt. This simplifies and speeds up the sintering processes in the laboratory.

New sintering and firing furnace options

Coinciding with the start of the IDS, a new option will be available to laboratories for these sintering processes and others in the form of the inLab Prosinter. This sintering furnace not only offers a high degree of process reliability – it is also very impressive in terms of design and versatility. The inLab Prosinter is particularly designed for sintering zirconia, and the inLab Prosinter variation can be prepared for metals or non-precious metals in just a few seconds. The inLab Prosinter is also quick, easy, and safe to use with its new touch screen and pre-set sintering programs for the Dentsply Sirona zirconias.

The Multimat Cube is a universal furnace for all common dental ceramics – including lithium silicate and disilicate glass ceramics. It also has pre-installed programs for sintering the Dentsply Sirona materials that facilitate everyday work in the dental lab. A multi-stage heating program and a two-stage cooling program ensure a high level of process reliability. This is further enhanced by the feature that resumes the firing program after a brief power outage. The Multimat Cube press version of the furnace is suitable for the processing of pressed ceramics, including the popular pressable lithium silicate ceramic, Celtra Press.

A broader spectrum in pressing technology and the CAD/CAM workflow

The success of Celtra Press inspired Dentsply Sirona Lab to develop three additional pellet colors. The material is now also available to laboratories in the color variations MO1, MO2, and BL1. The MO pellets are particularly suitable for covering devitalized or discolored stumps, and the dental technician can meet the patient's wish for even brighter teeth with the color BL1.

The new collaboration between Dentsply Sirona and the CAD/CAM software manufacturer, exocad, results in far-reaching flexibility in the digital workflow. The option of direct, convenient transmission of digital impressions from the Dentsply Sirona intraoral scanners in a validated workflow to laboratories that work with the exocad software is an essential part of this.

Furthermore, coordinated, optimized data interfaces between the exocad DentalCAD software and the extraoral scanner, inEos X5, as well as the inLab production units from Dentsply Sirona, ensure more reliability in the manufacturing process. The same applies to the first-time integration of Dentsply Sirona dental arches and material-specific parameters in the exocad DentalCAD Software.

Paving the way for even better dental technology

With these novelties, as well as others, and a large range of tried-and-tested dental technology products, Dentsply Sirona Lab will be presented at this year's IDS as a reliable, innovative partner to the laboratories. In this way, together with the visitors and a highly motivated trade fair team, this paves the way for even better dental technology.

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