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Mastering Monolithic

Stuart Collins

October 29, 2019

Commercial Supporter:


  • To build a boutique zirconia crown, it is imperative to start with a good foundation by choosing a quality zirconia.
  • Staining post-sintering can be more time efficient.
  • The time duration and high temperature of the sintering cycle can be an invaluable tool— one that is too often overlooked.

Dental technicians are inherently creative perfectionists. They would prefer to have enough time to layer 30 different porcelains on every tooth, and to have clients who provided a steady flow of those cases.

What if laboratories could make the differences between full contour zirconia crowns more apparent to doctors? In this eBook, Stuart Collins, Owner/Technician, Streamline Dental Studio, details his process of creating “boutique monolithic restorations” that will impress the client and the patient, while satisfying the technician’s need for efficiency and beauty.  




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