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Designing a 3D Printing Workflow for Your Operation

March 1, 2017 - Expires

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  • With today’s technology, you can produce surgical guides, retainers, aligners, orthodontic arches, educational models, and more on one desktop SLA printer.
  • Streamlined digital workflows greatly reduce material and labor costs.
  • By creating dental appliances that exceed industry accuracy standards at a lower cost, you can expand your services for general dentists, oral surgeons, prosthodontists, and orthodontists.

Much has changed since the first desktop 3D printers became available for the dental industry. Now SLA 3D printers are competing for the same production needs as larger, more expensive systems. SLA printers also offer a distinct advantage in print quality, outputting significantly smoother and more detailed prints than other 3D printing technologies.

When you are sorting out the differences in technology, it is important to understand what surface finish is required by final prints, the size and intricacy of the parts, and the requirements of the specific dental indication in terms of precision and accuracy.

If you are managing a dental laboratory for growth, additive manufacturing is no longer a decision that can be postponed. Learn what’s really involved in integrating 3D printing into your laboratory business model.

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