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Dental Restoration Materials

August 20, 2020



  • Through CAD/CAM technology, laboratories now have the ability to digitally design full-contour anterior and posterior restorations.
  • The indications for and composition of today’s dental ceramic materials serve as the basis for determining the appropriate class of ceramics to use for a given case.
  • A mountain of variables are involved in answering the commonly asked question, "Why is my zirconia breaking?"
  • The restoration of the dento-gingival structures opened a whole new avenue of collaboration among the restorative dentist/prosthodontist, implant surgeon, and laboratory technician.

The development of millable materials has substantially grown in tandem with quick and efficient techniques that ultimately bring about a lifelike quality to prosthetics. Today's innovative CAD technologies, in combination with advanced milling equipment and material options, are giving the progressive dental laboratory a huge competitive edge.

These modern materials produce extremely natural, lifelike esthetics while requiring less post processing and handling than historically needed.




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