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  • Leap of Faith

    Ellen Meyer
    Inside Dental Technology - October 2013

    Dilemmas in choosing and using the latest all-ceramic materials

  • Coexisting in a Consolidating Industry

    Kate Hughes
    Inside Dental Technology - September 2013

    Factors such as the rapid adoption of automated production technologies, looming industry regulation, and, to an extent, globalization, may be moving the industry toward a major structural shift.

  • Dental Innovations of Tomorrow

    Kate Hughes, Pam Johnson
    Inside Dental Technology - July/August 2013

    uture technological developments that have the potential to change the industry

  • Thinking Outside the Box

    Kate Hughes
    Inside Dental Technology - May 2013

    This article explains how dental laboratories expand their horizons with unique services.

  • The Next Generation of Laboratory Owners

    Inside Dental Technology - April 2013

    This article features some of the new generation of laboratory owners and their perspectives on the industry.

  • Bringing Business Back

    Inside Dental Technology - March 2013

    The article interviews dental laboratory owners to see how they are combating offshore manufacturing.

  • Education Revival?

    Kate Hughes
    Inside Dental Technology - February 2013

    This article explains the struggles of the dental technology education system and finding new students.

  • Straight Talk

    Pam Johnson
    Inside Dental Technology - January 2013

    Feature article explains the ruling on the FDA Medical Device Excise Tax

  • Trends in Dentistry

    Inside Dental Technology - December 2012

    Experts weigh in on the latest trends in the dental industry, and reflect on the impact these evolutions will have in 2013.

  • Denture Revolution

    Pam Johnson
    Inside Dental Technology - October 2012

    Feature story on the future of dentures and how they are moving towards a digital spectrum.

  • Digitally Planning Implant Treatment

    Kate Hughes
    Inside Dental Technology - September 2012

    This article describes how the laboratory can plan dental implants using digital technology.

  • Adapting through Realistic Change

    Michael Gorshe
    Inside Dental Technology - Jul/Aug 2012

    A look at the future technologist

  • The New Digital Economy

    Pam Johnson
    Inside Dental Technology - Jul/Aug 2012

    Article describing the effect technology will have on the economy

  • "Liking" Your Laboratory

    Kate Hughes
    Inside Dental Technology - June 2012

    Using social media outlets to promote your laboratory and show your work while building your online presence.

  • Bouncing Back

    Daniel McCann
    Inside Dental Technology - May 2012

    Battered by the recession and growing offshore competition, laboratory owners across the country are on the rebound with new business strategies to ensure sustainable, successful futures

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