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Inside Dental Technology
July 2022
Volume 13, Issue 7

Proactive Approach to Restorative Dental Treatments

Technology undoubtedly has permeated our daily lives in appreciable ways, leading our lifecycles toward a better balance. It has made us more productive and efficient, and it connects us with others regardless of geographic locale. In dentistry, the rapid adoption, harnessing, and deployment of technology can—and does—set dental laboratories and clinical practices apart from the competition while offering new workflows, solutions, and restorative treatment protocols. Among the greatest benefits of technology is the ability to exercise greater control over our paths forward and, ultimately, our outcomes; we can enrich the best-in-class restorative options for our dentist clients and their patients with an enhanced level of complexity and consistency that is repeatable and precise. Dental laboratory professionals should utilize technology to position their businesses with the ability to function in a proactive manner, rather than the traditional reactive modality we have grappled with for years.

Technology has brought the dental laboratory to the co-pilot position as more restorative treatment protocols are discussed, communicated, and worked up with the products we have at our disposal in a multi-faceted way, generating collaboration and a true comprehensive dental team approach. This level of comprehensive workflow continues to deliver opportunities for proactive planning with the collective brain trusts and end results in mind, and therefore reduces any anxieties for all participants involved.

That is why I am super excited for this year's Tech Issue. This annual special issue is devoted to technology, its impacts on the dental laboratory and restorative treatments, and its various imperative facets. I would be delighted if all dental professionals read through these pages and gain an understanding of what technology can offer their current and future laboratory processes, their laboratory's staff and production, and, ultimately, their dentist clientele and their patients. Our features in this issue take deep dives—from the perspectives of industry experts—into understanding some of the latest developments on the market, their intricacies, and the ways that they can impact our workflows and outcomes. Having the knowledge and understanding of these technologies and materials, whether you utilize them now or in the future, will support you as a decision maker to offer solutions and achieve greater results that undoubtedly will propel your laboratory forward as a trusted, forward-thinking business, and genuinely satisfy both your dentist clients' and their patients' desires.

I hope you find great value in this informative content, as it is my honor and pleasure to serve this amazing dental laboratory profession with tremendous pride and gratitude!

Daniel Alter, MSc, MDT, CDT
Executive Editor

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