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Inside Dental Technology
June 2022
Volume 13, Issue 6

Premium Denture Materials and Processes

David Jackson, CDT, was trained initially as a crown-and-bridge technician before implant dentistry made dentures a part of his daily work. That approach to esthetics made him IDT's choice to discuss Kulzer's Mondial denture teeth, Modern Materials Wax, and Analog Denture Workflow Program.

Jackson says the Mondial teeth meet his high standards for esthetics along with strength and durability. "I love the fully anatomical look of those teeth," he says. "The posteriors are gorgeous." Versatility is one of the key features about Modern Materials Wax, as well as the consistency. "It is not too sticky and it is not too soft," Jackson says. "It is just right." Jackson himself contributed to the Analog Denture Workflow Program, which is intended to standardize via step-by-step processes, checklists, and easy-to-follow visuals. "They have laid out more details in that process and broken it down," Jackson says. "You can put this comprehensive guidebook in front of an employee, and they can diagnose their own problems."

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