Inside Dental Technology
April 2021
Volume 12, Issue 4

A Revolutionary Way to Move Teeth

Incorporating clear aligners into comprehensive treatment plans is more realistic than ever

Chris Kabot has spent the past 15 years on the cutting edge of dental technology, and his father, G. Michael Kabot, DDS, MS, has practiced orthodontics for more than 3 decades. While they have witnessed the growth of orthodontics in recent years due to clear aligners, they’re perhaps more excited about what is next: a new clear aligner system that is making orthodontic treatment more realistic for a much wider range of patients and dental professionals everywhere.

“I have been blessed to work with many aligner OEMs on their processes,” Chris Kabot says. “One of the largest issues with the direct-to-consumer aligner is the rate of remake, the source of which can almost always be traced back to not having good clinician involvement. It is a win-win for all parties when the doctor-patient relationship is at the core of the system.”

Kabot will be partnering with CandidPro, which is introducing clear aligner treatment with remote monitoring overseen by experienced orthodontists. CandidPro’s clinicians are all licensed orthodontists, and they step in to provide guidance to the practitioner during treatment if scans that patients take from their smartphones show that treatment is veering off track.

“CandidPro is the first clear orthodontic aligner system to incorporate the virtual assessment by an orthodontist along with real office visits, if needed, for high-quality, superior, and predictable results,” G. Michael Kabot says.

Clear aligners as a whole present an opportunity for laboratories, as the global market segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 23.1% through 2027, according to Grand View Research.

“Laboratories should be increasingly aware of clear aligners and the impact they can make on relationships with dentists,” says Brian Ganey, CandidPro’s Senior Vice President of Sales. “Clear aligners have become a standard of care for a very predictable treatment modality, so now is the time to incorporate them into comprehensive dental treatment planning.”

Many dental professionals have barely scratched the surface, but CandidPro intends to change that with three core tenets: accessibility, affordability, and clinical superiority.

“We have cracked the code to clear aligner therapy,” Ganey says. “We are the first orthodontist-driven, clinically superior clear aligner and telehealth ecosystem that is now universally accessible for both dental professionals and patients.”

CandidPro’s team of orthodontists; Columbus, Ohio-based 7/365 Virtual Practice doctor support, and CandidMonitoring teledentistry platform save dentists the time and effort involved with traditional case monitoring.

“Candid’s offering has taken all of the headwinds and barriers off the table,” Ganey says. “We can work with general practitioners and other team members to provide very comprehensive treatment plans in collaboration with restorative treatments. We are working as partners in this industry, not as vendors or competing laboratories.”

The aligners themselves are superior partly because CandidPro 3D prints its models on Carbon printers at its manufacturing facility in California.

“Our models are supremely accurate and we do not use any solvents in our post-processing,” Ganey says. “Accurate models lead to accurate aligners, and, subsequently, very accurate tooth movement.”

The ability to move teeth accurately, affordably, and conveniently opens so many possibilities, which is why dental professionals around the country are so excited.

“CandidPro has put the patient-dentist relationship at the center of its solution,” Chris Kabot says, “so we never need to compromise function to achieve premium esthetics.”



Founded: 2017
Headquarters: New York, NY
Average Treatment Time: 6-10 months (depending on case type)

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