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Inside Dental Technology
September 2020
Volume 11, Issue 8

Digital Denture Insiders: Samuel M. Strong, DDS

Samuel M. Strong, DDS, has lectured nationally and internationally for more than 20 years. He has been widely published on subjects pertaining to implant and esthetic dentistry, is a credentialed member of various professional organizations, and even co-developed a popular line of impression trays. When Strong ventured into the realm of digital dentures, he knew he needed a partner with the same high standards of quality as his own, which is why he chose AvaDent Digital Dentures.

1. Why did you choose AvaDent Digital Dentures?

I was searching for a digital technology to reduce breakage and staining in our dentures and implant prostheses. The densely compacted acrylic from AvaDent provided that feature immediately. Not only did I get an acrylic that is eight times stronger than conventional types with virtual elimination of stain and odor, I also gained AvaDent's scan technology, digital preview, and far greater accuracy of fit.

2. How has AvaDent fit into your daily practice workflow?

The digital scanning, virtual design, and milling aspects of an AvaDent case provide seamless integration with the process we followed previously. The traditional aspects we still use for dentures, overdentures, and hybrids are enhanced and streamlined with AvaDent scanning, virtual computer design, and milling and printing capabilities. Laboratory turnaround time is reduced by email communication between our office and theirs, with real-time modifications using AvaDent's proprietary software. We are now capable of producing better results in less time and with fewer adjustments or appointments required after delivery of the prostheses.

3. As a clinician, what do you appreciate most about AvaDent?

Among many positive results from working with AvaDent, I feel confident that our patients are receiving the most technologically advanced results possible. AvaDent has pioneered digital procedures and possesses the largest library of data in the world. Coupled with a team of laboratory and engineering personnel, the AvaDent package produces a superior working experience for the dentist and outcome for the patient.

4. What features of AvaDent appeal most to patients?

Our patients are always impressed when we explain the superior strength and stain resistance of an AvaDent product. Upon delivering the appliance, the accurate fit and reduced number of adjustment appointments are a welcome surprise, especially to patients who previously had problem dentures. The beauty of the custom colorization applied to the denture acrylic is the icing on the cake. Our patients love these results.

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