Inside Dental Technology
August 2020
Volume 11, Issue 7

Coming Together

For each of us, the uncertainty of our future is challenging. Our lives have all been affected by what has taken place over the last several months. I believe that most—if not all—of us would agree that despite the obstacles we have faced in the past, the challenges of COVID-19 have been unparalleled. Above all else, I empathize with the losses and hardships experienced by family, friends, and colleagues. No one is immune to the precarious nature of these times.

With that said, I would like to personally express my overwhelming gratitude and admiration to all those that have worked fearlessly, tirelessly, and relentlessly on the front lines. I am completely humbled by all of the efforts both small and large that have been made in the fight against this pandemic. In addition to the healthcare workers, whom we will never be able to adequately repay, countless others have stepped up, giving their time, donations, and support in ways too numerous to mention. Many in our own profession are to be commended as well. In addition to their work in healthcare, numerous dentists and laboratories produced or fabricated personal protective equipment (PPE) for donation. Other efforts have been made through the collection and delivery of supplies to local hospitals, as well as much-needed fundraising. Thank you on behalf of everyone!

Our nation, along with much of the world, is now attempting to rebuild while we continue to work at slowing the curve. Some individual states have re-opened or are in the process of re-opening. Many dentists and technicians have attempted to use the interruption of business wisely by working to improve systems, cross-train, and redefine standard operating procedures. After being closed for almost 3 months, many offices and laboratories are optimistically eager to reopen and are working to regain lost time. I am encouraged by the trend I am seeing thus far. Although we anticipate many ups and downs over the next few months as we attempt to regain our footing, I am confident in our profession.

The team here at IDT has worked tirelessly from home and online to stay abreast of all relevant and necessary information and to share this knowledge, which will hopefully inspire us all in the days ahead. Now more than ever, we must strive to continue our education, to grow our business relationships, and to improve upon our communication skills in this field. I find it encouraging that our "IDT Live: Coming Together" event set records for attendance for a virtual laboratory show, both in the United States and abroad. Almost 20 countries signed in to participate. Weeks later, the "IDT Live Town Hall: Back to Work" brought together dentists and technicians from all over the country to discuss, converse, and answer questions with the help of IDT's Editorial Advisory Board. I must once again thank all speakers involved for donating their time and expertise to the success of these events.

Where do we go from here? None of us have a crystal ball or any great insight as to where this all ends, but I feel confident that our profession will endure, evolve, and arrive at a better place. Please stay safe, and do not lose your vision for achievement. I hope to see all of you soon.

About the Author

Peter Pizzi, MDT, CDT

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