Inside Dental Technology
May 2020
Volume 11, Issue 5

Unity in the Face of Challenges

Over the years, I have had the honor of witnessing so many amazing acts of kindness from many people in the dental profession. Whether it be the work of various charitable groups or simply an individual who is willing to help others through an emergency, chip in when another has health issues, or just be there for a friend or colleague who needs a helping hand, our profession is fortunate to have a community that is willing to band together in times of adversity.

When the tragedy of 9/11 struck, people around the world were plunged into an abrupt feeling of fear and uneasiness. The world around us suddenly changed. In these dark moments, however, people began to come together; politics, disagreements, and other points of conflict suddenly didn't seem to matter quite so much. Instead, each of us wanted to help move our country and the rest of the world forward.

As this slower-moving tragedy hits us, there is no specific day that will stand out in history, and yet these difficult weeks will not easily be forgotten. Despite all of our financial and emotional struggles during this time, however, there is light in our unity. This tragedy will not last forever, and hopefully, before long, these days will be behind us as memories. What we should remember from this time is the unity that is emerging—those in the medical field that are working tirelessly, those continuing to educate our children, those working to provide us all with food and sustenance. Our normal lives will return and our industry will bounce back, too.

We here at AEGIS Communications and IDT understand your concerns, since they are ours as well. AEGIS has not only been a leader in the dental profession, but it has also fostered relationships with each and every one of you. The employees who support AEGIS are mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, and we all feel the same worry for the state of our world. But we have no doubt that our profession will be back and stronger than ever.

While these changes in our lifestyles are certainly not easy, during this time our dental community is working on online courses, sharing lectures, and providing general information for all of us, looking forward to the feedback from our dental community that keeps us all united. During these moments of uncertainty, we can share those simple family moments that so often go overlooked in our busy lives. We will look back on this one day and be proud of all who gave their time and efforts to help put this in the past.

Please be smart and safe as we take care of the health of our world and those who need us most. We greatly look forward to the moment when we can all come together again.

About the Author

Peter Pizzi, MDT, CDT

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