Inside Dental Technology
May 2020
Volume 11, Issue 5

Dental Strong

Daniel Alter, MSc, MDT, CDT

We are all living in the midst of unprecedented and historic times of global proportions in the course of this coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), which has impacted everything in the world as we know it. It is certainly nothing like what we have experienced in most people's lifetimes, so it is totally natural and normal to experience anxiety for what the future holds for us all. However, in the same way, please keep in mind that during trying times like these and throughout history, human beings have persevered in ways beyond their own expectations, become better and stronger versions of themselves, and often gained valuable experiences, as will we. Personally, I always look for the opportunities to learn life lessons during the good times and the bad in order to continuously evolve and broaden myself as a person, father, husband, citizen, friend, mentor, and dental professional. What are we meant to learn during this time that will lead us to eventual light, hope, and prosperity?

We are all in this together; each of us is an important and productive member of our community, and we must take note and comfort in that. This pandemic has forced us to take a needed break and care for not only ourselves and our immediate needs, but also for others within our family, friendship circles, communities, and beyond. Staying home, we get more opportunity to spend valuable time with the loved ones who reside with us, joyfully and lovingly. Utilizing the extraordinary power of technology, we are also able to connect with so many others.

The same technology used to connect us can and should be used to connect our minds and expand our learning horizons. This time of pause can also be used for you and your technicians to increase your knowledge and expertise, so that once we return to regular life, we are stronger and can offer greater perspectives and skills to your dental clientele. IDT and the AEGIS Dental Network offer their vast library of learning opportunities for the dental profession to help you build knowledge.

At the same time, we are also witnessing the incredible and positive energy put forth by many in our profession. There are those who donated their stock of personal protective equipment (PPE) and deployed their 3D printing capabilities to manufacture desperately needed ventilator masks, fittings, and face shield equipment. This effort is shared by laboratories throughout the world and offers a perfect example of how the wonderful people within dental laboratory technology continue to contribute. I have no doubt that soon we will be back in our laboratories and working on the craft we love so much. Dental technology people are resilient, face challenges head-on, and have persevered, as we will now, because we are #DentalStrong.

 It is my great honor and pleasure to elevate and inspire with knowledge.

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