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Inside Dental Technology
January 2020
Volume 11, Issue 9

2020 and Beyond

For most of us, the new year represents a fresh start and a new beginning. We eagerly set new goals and aspirations—whether they be in our health and fitness efforts, in our business ventures, or even in fostering and improving personal and business relationships. Whatever our particular goals may be, an optimistic and promising outlook on the arrival of a new year (and decade) and all that it may entail is certainly exciting. For this upcoming year as Editor-in-Chief, I continue my good fortune and privilege to be working with a fabulous and inspirational editorial team and board, whose dedication to the dental profession is unsurpassed. In support of the betterment of the magazine and our goals for the industry, we frequently meet face-to-face or via conference calls. Through these behind-the-scene meetings and conversations, I am consistently inspired by the tireless work of our staff in sharing and improving upon the knowledge of the dental laboratory profession. Their education and editorials set goals—similar, I am sure, to your own—that seek to evolve, elevate, and ultimately provide the most satisfying results, given the progress made in our profession and the improvements that we will seek to make for the future.

Staying aware if not ahead of product development, technology, improvements in business strategy, and the growth of industry standards is not an easy task. Countless hours are spent by our staff to ensure that our readers are given the most current information on education and advancements being made now and into the future. Two years ago when I began as IDT's Editor-in-Chief, my first editorial entitled "Humbled and Honored" hopefully expressed my gratitude and sentiments toward the amazing staff with whom I work. Today, more than ever, I feel humbled and honored to work with such an amazing team.

As we move into 2020, our dental future continues to advance in ways never before imagined. I am continuously motivated by the advancement in both education and technology, and the growth and opportunities as a result of these advancements, including the growing number of technicians and the need for quality dentistry. Changing course is never easy, yet in the last few years I am encouraged by the pursuit for advanced education in our profession that continues to grow. I earnestly believe that this growth stems from our passion and determination. To the benefit of our industry, more and more young people are among the movers and shakers in this field.

Our future is bright, and I believe that laboratory technology is moving in the right direction. As the new year unfolds, let us all look forward with optimism and clear goals. Here at IDT, we will continue to strive to be the best source of information for our dental community in 2020 and beyond.

Peter Pizzi, MDT, CDT

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