Inside Dental Technology
December 2019
Volume 10, Issue 12

Unmatched Precision for Implant Abutments

TruAbutment’s consistency, customer support, and product portfolio are unmatched

David Gardner, DDS

In my in-house laboratory, being on the cutting edge is a part of providing the best care for my patients. I invest in technology every year, and my newest milling machine can handle everything from lithium disilicate to PMMA to zirconia. However, while this machine can also mill implant abutments, that is one product line that I choose to outsource.

There is certainly a basic financial element, as stocking my own blanks for abutments would be costly. However, the primary reason why I partner with TruAbutment is that I have found that no one else can match the consistency in fit of both abutment and restoration when utilizing a split file protocol. I have worked with other companies, but none compare to TruAbutment. With their abutments, I make very few adjustments, if any. While my milling machine is robust, TruAbutment uses industrial-grade machines that produce even more precise work, which is of paramount importance with implant abutments.

The machines are not the only advantage TruAbutment offers, however. I have been placing implants for approximately 20 years, and I have never met any other company that, from the top down, has staff so knowledgeable about everything from machinery to protocols and more. Regardless of who picks up the phone when I call, they can answer any question I have without needing to transfer me to someone else. They really know their products, and that is impressive.

The products themselves are outstanding. TruAbutment's Angulated Screw Channel (ASC) is really a great solution; other companies have similar offerings, but TruAbutment's always fits precisely and provides me with significant versatility, allowing me to screw retain even when angulation is less than ideal. The All-on-T is a real game-changer as well, as it provides the ability to have what amounts to a multi-unit abutment on any platform while correcting for any angulation discrepancy.

TruAbutment's ti-bases (TruBases) are great because they are available in different heights. I had found that when I utilized materials such as zirconia on other ti-bases, they were breaking too frequently. This was due to insufficient axial height of ti-bases creating unfavorable biomechanics. However, TruBases are designed with significantly more height, the fit is second to none, and there is no rotation. It is just a very intelligent design. My restorations are no longer fracturing, and I am confident again in using ti-bases when a single-unit implant is in a reasonable position, as opposed to exclusively using custom abutments.

Everything TruAbutment provides is very well thought-out. The precision of their abutments is unmatched, and the support is top of the line. Working with them is an absolute pleasure, and they are a valuable resource for my laboratory.

Key Takeaways

› Precision and consistency that cannot be replicated with most mills
› Knowledgeable customer support across the board
› Angulated Screw Channel (ASC) and All-on-T solutions provide versatility
› TruBases offer more height and intelligent design

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David Gardner, DDS
Greater New York Academy of Prosthodontics
Treasurer NGS Academy of Multidisciplinary Dentistry
North Shore Restorative & Implant Dentistry
Roslyn, NY

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