Inside Dental Technology
October 2019
Volume 10, Issue 10

Passion for Teaching Extends Far and Wide

Educator touts easily implementable digital denture option

Dental laboratory technicians typically do not stand on the dais for the hooding ceremonies during commencement for dental schools. Vincent Verderosa, MDT, CDT, is not a typical dental laboratory technician. Students at a recent commencement ceremony insisted that Verderosa, a Senior Laboratory Technician in his 22nd year in academia, stand with the faculty.

"Teaching is my true passion," Verderosa says. "I have had a great run making dentures, but touching the lives of the 40 to 45 students who come through this program each year is priceless. I keep every thank you card I receive from a student, and if I'm ever having a bad day, I look at those cards and think about how much I really enjoy helping these kids walk away with a good education for removable prosthetics."

Verderosa's impact on students' lives has extended all the way from Long Island, New York, to South Dakota, where for 20 years he has organized a volunteer program at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Third-year dental students travel to the reservation to provide much-needed dental care.

"It is a win-win situation for the reservation and the students," Verderosa says. "The students get to work on 10 to 15 arches of dentures that they otherwise would not. They do it in a condensed period of time, which helps them to master the process. And, of course, it is helping the underserved recipients of those dentures. To be able to use my expertise—dentures—and put all the people in place to make such a great project possible, and to have everyone walk away happy, is truly a blessing."

Verderosa's ability to serve the people of that community has improved with a new development in his repertoire: digital dentures. He has been working with Custom Milling Center on outsourcing digital dentures for more than 3 years now.

"It has been working out great," Verderosa says. "Custom Milling Center has helped mitigate both the investment and the learning curve as I have implemented digital dentures into my workflow."

In addition to providing the day-to-day support that makes every case go as smoothly as possible, Custom Milling Center has been there when challenges arise as well. In one situation, Verderosa needed a fractured denture replaced, and all that was necessary was to locate the design file and call Custom Milling Center to discuss a new version of the same denture. Additionally, he touts the benefits of the milling center's IT team using TeamViewer to work out any software issues that arise.

"No matter what you purchase in this industry," Verderosa says, "you need to be backed by technical support from the company. To me, that is the most important factor."

The quality of the milled and printed dentures from Custom Milling Center has impressed Verderosa as well. The Zirlux Superior Digital Denture is a highly esthetic and customizable monolithic milled denture that eliminates the need for bonded or glued-in teeth; and it is available in three tissue shades.

"The materials and technology are definitely evolving," he says. "Printable materials are getting better and better, and stronger pucks are being developed for milling. Digital dentures remain a work in progress, but they are growing every day."

Having a partner like Custom Milling Center to guide you through the process is especially crucial for denture technicians who might be reluctant to try new technology but realize they cannot afford to be left behind. Verderosa's passion for teaching shines through as he spreads this message to his contemporaries.

"Every technician really should think about going digital," Verderosa says. "The process already offers significant time savings, and the materials only continue to improve. The digital disruption is similar to what Manhattan cab drivers have seen, with Uber devaluing a taxi medallion from $1 million to $200,000. Things are changing, and we need to recognize that it is happening with dentures. It might not happen as quickly, but eventually everyone will need to get on board."

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