Inside Dental Technology
October 2019
Volume 10, Issue 10

Multilayer Zirconia, the Ultimate Restorative Option

ArgenZ ST Multilayer Zirconia utilizes CAD technology to the fullest

Jack Marrano, CDT

Over the last decade, we have seen exponential advancements in CAD/CAM technology, but the development of restorative materials to support these technologies has been slower. Thankfully, over the last few years, new material options have given technicians the ability to capitalize on the digital design revolution. Today's CAD technologies, in combination with the latest milling equipment and innovative material options, now enable the progressive dental laboratory to have a huge competitive edge. This synergy of technology and materials not only increases efficiency but also offers the ability to satisfy the esthetic demands of discerning technicians and clinicians.

I have tested many multilayer zirconia brands. While I generally like them, most have limitations and issues such as layer lines, lack of a variety of disc sizes, minimal nesting flexibility, and low value issues with super translucent materials in the light and bleach shades. Argen has the benefit of not being first. Argen learned from the challenges of earlier types of multilayer zirconia and solved the issues. ArgenZ ST Multilayer is the first zirconia I have used that delivers in these important areas. It matches the shade guide perfectly, has no layer lines, and creates beautiful esthetics.

As expected from a multilayer zirconia, ArgenZ ST Multilayer exhibits a high strength of 850 MPa. This material is specifically designated for use in single-unit to three-unit bridge applications. By using ArgenZ ST Multilayer, we can produce extremely natural esthetics while requiring less post-processing and handling than previously needed. ArgenZ ST Multilayer was developed to be truly gradient, which is achieved by fabricating the disc with several blended layers from dentin to incisal. This natural gradient within the disc produces results similar to simple hand-built ceramic techniques. Since the material is fabricated using a proprietary blending process, the lines of demarcation are eliminated. With ArgenZ ST Multilayer Zirconia, we are now finally able to utilize CAD technology to its fullest ability.

ArgenZ ST Multilayer is available in 16 VITA Classical shades as well as three bleach shades. Shades A1 and B1 have been value corrected, so unlike other multilayer zirconia, they will not exhibit the typical issues related to low value.

Through CAD/CAM technology, we now have the ability to digitally design full-contour anterior and posterior restorations. During the design process, areas of importance like occlusion, contour, and function are all managed in the software. Furthermore, Argen has developed optimized nesting software for ArgenZ ST Multilayer with SUM3D CAD, which allows us to see the individual color gradient of each positioned unit as it is moved within the disc. This feature aids in the perfect positioning of units within the disc to control translucency levels.

Until now, arduous and unpredictable porcelain build-up techniques were needed in order to achieve the appropriate level of esthetics. These layering techniques hindered our ability to design and mill the restoration in full contour. Valuable detail established in the design phase needed to be removed with a cutback and ultimately replaced by the application of ceramics. Designing zirconia restorations digitally eliminates the inefficiency and redundancy of conventional layering techniques. With Argen's multilayer zirconia, we can achieve unparalleled, monolithic esthetics through an efficient digital workflow.

Key Takeaways

Matches shades impeccably, with no layer lines
Offers high strength with 850 MPa
Eliminates redundancy of conventional layering techniques
SUM3D CAD optimized nesting software facilitates perfect positioning of units within disc

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Jack Marrano, CDT
Director of Absolute Dental Services
Signature Prosthetics Division
Durham, NC

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