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Inside Dental Technology
October 2019
Volume 10, Issue 10

10 Years of Smooth Milling with vhf Machines

High-end laboratory relies on German milling and grinding technology

Amir Juzbasic

At Lintec Dental Labs, we believe that each patient deserves a beautiful smile. We are committed to providing the highest quality and most cost-effective prophylactic and restorative solutions to our patients. To achieve this, we have equipped our facility with state-of-the-art technology and implemented the latest digital dentistry processes. Needless to say, a prime milling machine is a must for a high-end laboratory like ours.

Almost a decade ago, we installed our first vhf 4-axis dry milling unit. Now, we operate exclusively with half a dozen vhf machines, and for good reason. We have selected vhf machines because they fit perfectly into our digital laboratory workflow and their versatility allows us to cover all of our full-service manufacturing needs.

By introducing a digital manufacturing platform, we have been able to increase our production significantly. Thus, we have reduced our manufacturing costs, and our results have become more consistent. Further, we have expanded our portfolio by adding innovative digital dentistry product lines.

We value the vhf mills because they are easy to operate, highly reliable, and cost effective. These features allow laboratories of any size to meet their quality and quantity production expectations.

The K5 in particular has become a powerful workhorse in our laboratory. It offers us maximum independence; we use our K5 for all major materials, including metals, zirconia, PMMA, lithium disilicate, and high-performance polymers.

I look forward to receiving the new K5+ shortly, because I trust in the consistent output and the proven reliability of vhf milling and grinding machines. What excites me most are the innovative features such as tool-free blank clamping, which will make the material loading even quicker and easier. I also welcome the built-in ionizer, which neutralizes the static charge of acrylic particles, because it will significantly reduce cleaning time. Overall, the K5+ looks to be extremely economical. That is what I like about vhf: They take something good and make it even better. The K5+ offers innovative features such as tool-free blank clamping and a built-in ionizer.

Key Takeaways

Fabricates restorations in ultra HD from the toughest materials on the market, including CoCr
Unlimited material accessibility in 98-mm-disc format; block and prefabricated abutment holders available
Ionizer and improved air circulation for easy machine cleaning
Innovative DirectDiscTechnology for revolutionary disc clamping
Webcam for remote support

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About the Author

Amir Juzbasic
Lintec Dental Labs Inc.
Gaithersburg, MD

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vhf Inc.

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