Inside Dental Technology
September 2019
Volume 10, Issue 9

The Health Benefits of the SYMPRO Denture Cleaner

Protect technicians and patients from harmful oral microbes

Amy Varshock, LD, DPD

Research has shown that ultrasonic devices are equivalent to the dissolving "fizzy" tabs at cleaning dental appliances, and brushing is more effective at removing Candida albicans than either of those methods.1,2 However, Renfert's SYMPRO denture cleaning unit has been shown to be the most effective, using mechanical and magnetic forces to thoroughly neutralize both aerobic and anaerobic microbes.

Everything living correlates with geomagnetic fields by nature. Plants, birds, honeybees, and even the bacteria and fungus in the human body operate via magnetoreception to some degree. Scientists are already perfecting how to utilize bacterial movement, a process known as magnetotaxis, to direct medicine-loaded magneto-sensitive bacteria to specific sites in your body, "like little magneto-taxis," which were discovered and named by Salvatore Bellini in 1965.3

When it comes to oral health, some of the major adversaries are oral microorganisms. These play a significant role in lung disease. Pneumonia can be caused by the same biofilm in our mouths right now.4 In fact, up to 45% of denture wearers die of upper respiratory disease such as pneumonia derived from dental biofilm and sleeping wearing unclean dental appliances.5 The good news is that bacteria and fungi like Candida albicans are neutralized by magnetic interaction even 6 inches away from circulating magnetic charges.6

Surface disinfectants will suffice for everyday patient use, but a laboratory technician grinding into a denture base that is many years old needs to take further precautions. Grinding past the sanitized surface allows the microbes inside the denture base to become airborne, thereby increasing the exposure risk and the possibility of cross contamination. This is where SYMPRO is so effective, neutralizing microbes that are embedded inside the denture base where surface disinfectants are not able to reach. Even the device itself can be sanitized, as all the components of the system can be fully disinfected for reuse.

Another benefit of SYMPRO is that it runs at a far lower decibel rating than other sanitizers. I checked the noise levels myself. No matter how close I held the decibel meter to the machine, the decibel rating decreased as rotations per minute increased. Neutralizing microbes has never sounded so good.

Renfert's motto is "making work easy." I think with the SYMPRO, they are also making our work healthier and quieter.

Key Takeaways

› SYMPRO uses mechanical and magnetic forces to neutralize all microbes.
› Neutralizes microbes that are embedded inside the denture base.
› Rotary magnetic field sets needles in motion, which results in gentle, mechanical removal of surface accretions.

About the Author

Amy Varshock, LD, DPD
President and CEO
Denture Essentials Corporation
Mount Vernon, WA

Company Information
Renfert USA

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