Inside Dental Technology
July 2019
Volume 10, Issue 7

Personalized Service for Milled Bars

Communication with laboratories sets PRIMOTEC apart

Brian Carson, CDT

My one-person removable and implant laboratory, Signature Dental Studio, promises a two-part commitment: to foster a technical/clinical relationship, and to create a restoration that will "fool the eye of the professional." In order to provide this level of quality and service, I need my partners to make a similar commitment, which is why I use Primotec's milling services for my implant bars.

A milled bar is a milled bar. Different CAM software modules and materials can be variables, but when you are dealing with titanium, the quality of the end product is based on the designer. That is where the rubber meets the road.

Communication with the laboratory is crucial for a designer to produce high-quality work. For that reason, I have been working with Primotec ever since they started offering designing and milling services. The access to Primotec President Chris Urist and his staff is the most important factor for me. I am not dealing with a huge mill house. They accept STL files like larger facilities, but I can still have that one-on-one conversation about the design process.

Primotec's designer stays ahead of the curve with modern design principles and different concepts. If you need to tweak a design, they are available to work with you on it. When you deal with a huge mill house, you may work with four or five different people, and because of that, they might just use default-type designs. With Primotec, when you can speak to one person on every case, you can each learn each other's preferences and communicate effectively; that is how the best designs are created.

When you mill a bar, the tolerances determine the fit. Primotec's tolerances are great for providing strength and stability to the prosthesis, supporting the teeth, and giving the technician enough tissue clearance.

In addition to the exceptional quality of its milled bars, Primotec has a really fair price point. That is not the deciding factor for me—it never has been and never will be—but getting solid value for any product or service is always crucial when running a business.

All of our cases are challenging in one way or another. Every case is unique, with each one posing a bigger challenge than the next. I cannot recall any that have been completely routine. Being able to work with Primotec and talk with them about adding extra tooth support for denture teeth or whatever else I may need is invaluable.

Key Takeaways

 One-on-one communication between laboratory and designer produces best quality for milled bars.
 Ahead of the curve on modern design principles and different concepts.
 Exceptional tolerances for providing strength and stability to the prosthesis, supporting the teeth, and giving enough tissue clearance.

About the Author

Brian Carson, CDT
Signature Dental Studio
Fayetteville, North Carolina


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