Inside Dental Technology
July 2019
Volume 10, Issue 7

Endless Possibilities

One of the core principles of most successful businesses is a never-ending effort toward improvement. In the dental laboratory, this can apply to many aspects of the operation, especially technology. CAD/CAM technology may seem to be trending toward a point of leveling off in terms of accuracy, speed, and affordability of the hardware and software, but innovation continues to proliferate in new and exciting directions, often even overlapping.

To assist in identifying and analyzing these new directions of innovation and explore future potential, IDT enlisted four of the leading voices on technology in dentistry. These experts were asked to share their perspectives and informed opinions on where particular concepts are headed, what next-generation innovations and improvements have been made, and what the future may hold. IDT is proud and honored to offer these powerful perspectives to help lead dental laboratories to the best technological decisions for their future.

Our Authors

George Cowburn, Co-Founder of Perfit Dental Solutions and Trispera Dental, began studying digital dental solutions in 2003 and went on to co-found one of the largest denture clinics in Western Canada. He explores the various ways that automation, data sharing, and machine learning can contribute to next-level workflows.

Dentistry in the Information Age

Michael Scherer, DMD, MS, is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Loma Linda University, a Clinical Instructor at University of Nevada - Las Vegas, and a private practitioner in prosthodontics and implantology. He analyzes current and future optical scanning technology and its impact on the dental laboratory and the dental
team as a whole.

Scanning Technology Comes of Age

Robert Kreyer, CDT, Co-Founder of the independent consulting firm Dentgnostix, is a past recipient of both the American College of Prosthodontists' Dental Technician Leadership Award and the American Prosthodontic Society's Kenneth D. Rudd Award. He delves into the ever-expanding capabilities of digital denture software, hardware, and materials.

Digital Removable Revolution

Chris Brown, BSEE, President of Aclivi Consulting/Technical Services, has been at the forefront of new developments in the dental technology industry for more than two decades. He investigates the burgeoning potential of artificial intelligence in dentistry and dental laboratories.

Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry

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