Inside Dental Technology
July 2019
Volume 10, Issue 7

All Multilayer Zirconia Is Not Created Equal

Why I choose Cercon® xt ML for my dental laboratory

Jay Black, CDT

Over the years, there have been many trends to enter the dental laboratory. Some stay put and others make their exit fairly quickly. As a technician who likes to stay ahead of the curve, I love using new products, especially when they deliver the results the laboratory and dental practice expect. Currently, a big trend out there for laboratories is zirconia. Knowing this, I had to try it for myself and ultimately found one that does the job.

It sounds funny, but the old saying that "all are created equal" is not true in the dental laboratory; all zirconia is, in fact, not created equal. After trying Cercon® xt ML, I was impressed by the final restoration for every product feature, such as esthetics, color accuracy, and usability. Laboratories that have used Cercon xt ML and had a similar experience would confirm—this multilayer zirconia is in a class of its own.

Layering ceramic can be a laborious process, but with Cercon xt ML it is not necessary. This means turnaround time is reduced without compromise, as the final restoration remains completely natural and without visible lines. Due to the arrangement of the four layers (incisal, two transition, and dentin), the gradient is seamless and lifelike, eliminating the need to stain in most cases. The arrangement also makes nesting in the inLab CAM 19.0 Software much easier.

In addition to having premium esthetics and unparalleled shade matching, Cercon xt ML is incredibly easy to use. I appreciate that I am able to complete sintering with other Cercon zirconia products (Cercon® xt shaded and Cercon® ht shaded) in the same program concurrently. This helps me save time and eliminates the need to purchase another furnace.

The 750-MPa flexural strength and approximately 49% translucency of Cercon xt ML make it a highly versatile material and one of the most esthetic monolithic offerings for anterior and posterior all-ceramic restorations. Since I added it to my laboratory, I find I can fabricate restorations more efficiently. Removing the layering step lets us reach a strong and beautiful result much quicker.

Key Takeaways

 Perfect, lifelike gradient for natural tooth esthetics.
 Guaranteed color accuracy: unparalleled color matching, covering all 16 VITA shades and BL2.
 Easy to use: identical sintering programs/temperatures with all Cercon zirconia products.

About the Author

Jay Black, CDT
Winter Springs Dental Laboratory
Winter Springs, FL

Dentsply Sirona Laboratory

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