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Inside Dental Technology
January 2019
Volume 10, Issue 1

Gum Composite Maximizes Natural Appearance

Ceramage UP offers easy handling, flowability, and complementary coloring

Brian Lindke, CDT

As a progressive, fully guided, immediate-load implant laboratory, we are always looking for materials and techniques to improve our services and provide solutions to our clients. The laboratory is a key support member of the dental team that is responsible for not only the surgical and the interim trial prostheses, but the final full-mouth restoration as well.

Materials and procedures continue to change, sometimes for the better but sometimes not. It's critically important to continually evaluate and test new materials to assure the optimum result. We mill a great amount of PMMA for our immediate-loaded surgical and interim prostheses as we work through the process to final restoration. The tooth portion of our restorations is obviously important for shape, shade, function, and esthetics. The color of the tissue is as important as the shade of the teeth because it's the transition zone that allows us to create a seamless blend into the patient's oral anatomy. Therefore, our material choices must be on target to maximize a natural appearance.

We have worked with many different gum-colored composites. Through trial and error, with direct observation in the mouth, we have determined our first choice is Shofu's Ceramage UP. There are several criteria to consider since not all materials offer the same attributes.

The main advantages we love about Ceramage UP include lifelike color options and handling characteristics. The proprietary ergonomic handle with a pen-like delivery and the flowability of the resin provide the ability to easily create custom-blended shades for a patient. This is a very distinct benefit of Ceramage UP that other composite paste materials lack.

The pen delivery system is a unique advantage, making application extremely efficient and effective. This is important to us because applying the gum color composite is the main analog process on these types of restorations, and time is always an important financial consideration. We need to balance out these factors without compromising the quality of the case.

The high filler content consisting of 73% spherical zirconia ceramic creates a very dense, homogenous surface that is durable and highly polishable. The other attribute we find essential is the wettability of the application to the PMMA. Because of the features of Ceramage UP, we are able to achieve more composite/ceramic surface contact to the PMMA. Combined with Ceraresin Bond (Shofu) applied to the PMMA, this gives us increased confidence when bonding the two materials together.

The purpose of surgical and interim PMMA prostheses is to utilize them both as working blueprints or prototypes for the final prosthesis. Many of our final prostheses are fabricated with pink tissue composite. The ability to use the same tissue material throughout the entire process takes all of the guesswork out of the final result. This saves time and guarantees a more consistent process for our clients and patients.

Laboratories depend on materials and techniques that help us produce the highest level of quality and profitability without compromise. Ceramage UP provides the ability to assure that these high standards are met in every case.

Key Takeaways

Unique benefits to Ceramage UP include its handling characteristics, flowability, ergonomic applicator, lifelike colors, and ability to create custom shades
The high filler content of 73% spherical zirconia ceramic creates a very dense, homogenous surface that is durable and highly polishable
Pen delivery system makes application extremely efficient and effective

About the Author

Brian Lindke, CDT
Buford, Georgia

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