Inside Dental Technology
July 2018
Volume 9, Issue 7

Think Forward

Faced with an ever-expanding digital landscape, dental laboratory owners and managers often grapple with keeping abreast of the flood of new technologies launched on the market and then making the critical informed purchasing decisions needed to best serve their businesses and clientele. To aid in that decision-making process, IDT sought out experts steeped in CAD/CAM related arenas of additive, subtractive, scanning, and software technologies. Our experts not only study, assess, and use these technologies on a daily basis, but also are among the industry's most respected forward thinkers. For our July Tech Issue, we asked each to share his perspective on where the assigned respective technology category is headed, what next-generation innovations and improvements have been made, and what may be the next step for this technology in the future.

The aggregate of these experts in four different technology sectors will help provide the comprehensive insights and knowledge base needed to keep current on cutting-edge technologies available in the dental laboratory technology industry as well as a peek into future developments. We are proud and honored to offer you these powerful perspectives and hope these will help lead you to the best technological acquisitions for your laboratory.


Our Experts

Jeffry Tobon, CDT, Owner, Founder, and Executive Director of DesignLab Dental in Long Island, NY, offers his in-depth analysis of the latest developments in the additive  manufacturing sector and provides a unique look at what forward-thinking developments are on the horizon.

Additive Technology: Next-Gen 3D Printing


Mark Ferguson, General Manager of Vulcan Custom Dental in Birmingham, AL, shares with us the most exciting developments in the software arena and what dental laboratory professionals can accomplish with these powerful new software platforms.

Software Technology: Third-Party Trends


Chris Brown, President of Aclivi Consulting/Technical Services in Pinckney, MI, has been at the forefront of new developments in the dental technology industry for more than two decades. Chris takes us through what he sees as the next generation in scanning technology.

Scanning Technology: Automation and Non-Optical


Mark Fisher, Manufacturing Supervisor at Custom Milling Center in Golden, CO, shares his perspectives on the subtractive manufacturing space, its limitations, and new developments he believes could be game changers in the near future.

Subtractive Technology: Trends in CAM Milling

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