Inside Dental Technology
May 2018
Volume 9, Issue 5

Personalized Service Separates Nowak Dental Supply

Long-term relationships take priority over making sales

Alexander Wünsche, CDT, and Danielle Wünsche

Zahntechnique has been a family-owned laboratory throughout its entire 48-year history, and we have continued that tradition since we purchased it almost a decade ago. While we have approximately a dozen employees and produce a somewhat high volume of restorations, we pride ourselves on high-end work and personalized service.

Soon after acquiring Zahntechnique, we decided we needed a distributor that offered that same level of personalized service. We wanted someone who spoke our language as a family-owned business-someone who operates their business similarly to how we operate ours. That led me to Nowak Dental Supplies.

There are so many parallels between our companies because we both strive to deliver the best service possible. We do not want to just produce high-end restorations; we want to be an outstanding partner to our dentists. Similarly, Nowak does not only want to provide the best prices. They are always available, and they strive to offer us the best service. We rarely are forced to wait for anything on back order, but we do not feel as if we are working with a large distributor.

With some companies, you do not know if the person you talk to today will still be there tomorrow. At Nowak, we have worked with the same people for a long time and developed strong relationships with them. They can offer us useful advice based on our specific needs, and they also can help us with special requests as needed.

Last year at a tradeshow in Chicago, we needed a wireless handpiece for a live demonstration because we were unsure about the power source. We reached out to Nowak only a few days prior to the event, and they said they had us covered. We did not even ask what brand it was, because we trusted them. When we arrived in Chicago, the handpiece was waiting in our hotel room.

On a more regular basis, we purchase consumables and small equipment from Nowak through our representative, Shari. We joke that she is like our mother. She knows what we need based on the kind of company we are. She is truthful with us, even if it means advising us against purchasing a certain product because it is not right for us.

Based on Nowak's actions, they truly do care about our business. It is not about making a sale for them; it is about the long-term relationship, and helping us keep our business healthy.

Key Takeaways

• Nowak combines personalized service with the resources of a large distributor.
• The family-owned business model lines up well with the business models of family-owned laboratories.
• Nowak representatives develop long-term relationships with clients.
• Keeping your business healthy is more important than making a sale.

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Alexander Wünsche, CDT
Miami, FL

Danielle Wünsche
Miami, FL

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