Inside Dental Technology
February 2018
Volume 9, Issue 2

Humbled and Honored

About a year and a half ago, I received a request from friend and colleague Pam Johnson at Inside Dental Technology for a phone conference. This did not seem unusual because I had been intermittently writing for the journal and we had engaged in many prior discussions regarding industry issues. During this particular call, her focus was centered upon the promotion of the journal as a viable and invaluable tool wherein technicians are provided with the latest developments, innovations in artistry, and improvements in technology to aid in the advancement of their own skills and work. We also discussed the possibility and perhaps necessity of hiring an individual who, through the implementation of their own skills, expertise, and passion, could help guide IDT into a productive future, satisfying the needs of technicians and dentists alike, and ensuring that the IDT brand would continue to meet the changing needs of our great industry.

My mind started racing, thinking of colleagues and friends from over the years and then concentrating more fully on the journal and our industry. The few journals we have are crucial in aiding in our education, business choices, development, success, and ultimately the way our industry must grow and develop. Speaking for myself and many other technicians, IDT plays an immeasurable role in the field of dental technology and dentistry and must continue to do so. 

I was carefully considering who would be suited to preside over this prestigious journal so vital to our industry when suddenly I focused on Pam's voice: “Do you think you would be interested in becoming the next Editor-in-Chief of IDT?” My memory of this moment is extremely clear, but almost surreal. Even today as I recall with immense pride the impact of that conversation, the same overwhelming feeling washes over me: Wow. How do you respond to that? I am truly humbled and honored, having been chosen to assume this position and to share my voice and insights with our industry. I am grateful and could not be prouder to accept this position and embark on this amazing journey.

As with any position worth undertaking, this will be challenging. I, like most of you, run a busy laboratory. I have a busy international teaching schedule. Regardless, I am fully committed to the success of IDT. Many who know me understand and share my belief that passion, pride, and love of this industry drive the current and future success of our profession.

Countless individuals deserve my thanks and appreciation, but for this moment, my acknowledgment goes to IDT's co-founders, Pam Johnson and Valerie Berger, as well as the entire AEGIS team for placing its trust in me. As co-EIC with Pam in 2017, I had the honor of working closely with the IDT team, and it was truly an amazing learning experience. As EIC, I will continue to strive to help our industry grow and be the best it can be through continued education, sharing, and listening to all of you. I cannot end here without stating how indebted I am to those who have mentored and shared their knowledge with me over the years.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and to seeing each of you at my future lectures, courses, meetings, and Web series. Together there is so much we can do. Thank you for your support.

Peter Pizzi, MDT, CDT

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