Inside Dental Technology
October 2017
Volume 8, Issue 10

The Time Is Now

It’s not too late to register for the International Digital Denture Symposium if you haven’t yet done so. However, I must warn you that this is a limited-capacity event, and we are now only weeks away from the Friday, October 27 launch.

This educational symposium and exhibition will be very different than other dental-related meetings you may have attended.

First, this symposium is focused on a single dental profession category—digital workflow and production of removable prosthetics. The field of digitally manufactured partial, full-arch, and implant-supported dentures is the newest and the last major frontier to be conquered by automated design and output technologies. This field promises to show rapid growth and adoption as the demand for removable prosthetics continues to grow.

Second, the event offers the opportunity to become an early adopter and join the mere 1% of laboratory professionals already invested in these breakthrough CAD/CAM technologies and processes. This category is still in its infancy with new materials hardware, software and product output choices evolving at a rapid pace. Many new innovations will be introduced at this event.

Third, both laboratory and clinical professionals are demonstrating great interest in simplifying the chairside and laboratory processes for dentures. Since the event content focuses on both clinical and technical aspects of the workflow, you will be networking and learning side-by-side with dentists and specialists who hold the same level of curiosity and interest that you do. Currently the demographic of attendees is 50/50 clinical to technical.

And fourth, you have the opportunity in two Workshop sessions of your choice to drill down into specific digital workflows and techniques, as well as get your questions answered by expert technicians who are already intimately involved in digital denture design and production processes.

The event will also feature two moderated, interactive panel discussions. The first, “Ask and Learn from the Experts,” is comprised of the experienced technicians and clinicians who present Workshop sessions. They will be ready to field your questions on the what, how, and why of incorporating a digital denture workflow into your business. The second panel, “Where Do We Go From Here?,” will include industry thought leaders and manufacturer representatives as they discuss where the field of digital dentures is headed, the challenges that need to be overcome, and what new clinical and technical protocols, hardware, software, and material advances we can expect to see on the market in the near future.

Last but not least is our exhibition hall. It is here that you will learn of major new developments in the field from new hardware and software to new materials and workflows. You will not want to miss the major new product and workflow launches that are planned for this event (click here to read about one of them).

Don’t wait! Register now for this day-and-a-half learning experience with an extraordinary lineup of key industry opinion leaders. Log on to idt.cdeworld.com/events/548. I will be there. I hope to see you there too!

Pam Johnson

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