Inside Dental Technology
July 2017
Volume 8, Issue 7

Impressed with Success

Having the Right Materials and Machinery Brings Laboratory Into Digital Age

By Gary Buchanan, CDT

Dentistry is my family business. I grew up in the dental industry with my father, Frank Buchanan, DDS, and have been operating my own laboratory for more than 30 years—now with my wife, daughter, and even our two dogs on site. I’ve seen so many changes in the industry in that time, the biggest being the evolution of digital dentistry. I’ve made my laboratory fully digital, offering crown and bridge as well as implants.

I started experimenting with zirconia approximately 10 years ago, when dentists started asking about new materials and how they might work for their patients. For the first few years, I outsourced to milling centers, but always got mixed results based on what kind of zirconia they used. When I chose a more local milling center that used Digital Dental’s Crystal zirconia exclusively, I knew I’d found my material. My clients were so amazed with the esthetics and fit; they hadn’t realized that zirconia could fit so well. I’m still impressed with it. It’s made in the US, which is important to me, and is as strong and esthetic as anything on the market while still being competitively priced. I appreciate that Digital Dental continues to develop its materials, keeping its ear to the ground on new advances in material technology.

As my laboratory grew, I decided to buy my own milling machine so I could continue expanding my zirconia prosthetics business. I saw some at shows and even tested a few in my laboratory, but in the end I liked Digital Dental’s milling machine the best. I come from a mechanical background and use metal lathes in my shop, so the mechanics of a milling machine are very important to me. I’m always impressed with Digital Dental’s support when I need a new part for my machine. Since they’re made in America, the parts are always available when I need replacements; no backlogs, no waiting on international shipping. I’ve even received them within 24 hours.

Just like my laboratory is so focused on giving our clients the customer service that big milling centers don’t offer, Digital Dental absolutely supports its customers in every way possible. Buchanan Laboratories is now on its third milling machine from Digital Dental, and I’d buy the same one tomorrow if I needed it. Bottom line: If I were doing it all over again with materials and milling machines for my laboratory, I’d do exactly the same thing.

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Key Takeaways

› New 4 and 5-axis desktop mills released in 2017
› Upgraded features include HD option, super spindle, and oil mister
› Seven Crystal zirconia formulations with 720 MPa to 1500 MPa flexural strength

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Gary Buchanan, CDT
Buchanan Laboratory
Jay, FL

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