Inside Dental Technology
February 2017
Volume 8, Issue 2

Partial Dentures, Sleep Apnea Devices Present Opportunities for Growth

The markets for partial dentures and sleep apnea devices are expected to grow rapidly in the near future, according to two recent reports. The partial denture market in the United States is projected to be the fastest growing sector over the next two or three decades, according to a report from Market Research Future. Meanwhile, a Markets and Markets report forecasts that the market for sleep apnea devices will grow from $4.59 billion to $6.7 billion over the next 5 years, with the fastest-growing therapeutic devices being oral appliances.

The Market Research Future report, “U.S. & Europe Partial Denture Market (PDM) Market Information & Analysis (Market Size, Market Drive) & Global Forecast to 2024,” cites several major factors as reasons to expect growth in the partial denture market. Among them are the growing incidences of dental caries and other periodontal conditions, growing incidences of tooth loss, rising aging population, focus on providing quality dental care, and increasing disposable income. However, the report says partial denture market growth constraints include poor dental insurance coverage for dental implants, low reimbursement rates, fewer experienced denture technicians, and the reduced curriculum in dental schools for partial dentures.

The report says approximately 20% of Americans ages 65 and older have lost all their teeth due to tooth decay or gum disease, and that the numbers of US adults who are missing teeth will only increase as the average life expectancy moves upward from 78.9 years to a projected 79.5 years by 2020. This increase in average life expectancy, along with the aging of 79 million baby boomers with their “forever young” mindset, will boost the demand for precision-made removable prosthetic appliances for decades to come, Market Research Future concludes.

Meanwhile, the market for sleep apnea devices is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.8% from 2016 to 2021, according to the Markets and Markets report titled, “Sleep Apnea Devices by Product, Therapeutic (CPAP, APAP, BPAP, Masks, Oral Appliances (Mandibular Advancement Device)), Diagnostic (PSG, Pulse Oximeter), End User (Home Care Settings, Hospitals) - Analysis & Global Forecasts to 2021,” which analyzes and studies the major drivers, restraints/challenges, and opportunities for this market.

That report includes all therapeutic devices and diagnostic devices. While PAP (positive airway pressure) devices were estimated to account for the largest share of the global sleep apnea therapeutic devices market in 2016, the report says the oral appliances segment “is projected to register the highest CAGR in the forecast period.”

The full reports can be found here https://www.marketresearchfuture.com/articles/partial-denture-market-market and here http://www.marketsandmarkets.com/PressReleases/sleep-apnea-devices.asp.

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