August 2016
Volume 7, Issue 8

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Dentsply Sirona, The Dental Solutions Company: Dedicated to Helping Laboratories Evolve

Leaders of Dentsply Sirona Prosthetics and CAD/CAM look forward to laboratories reaping the benefits of their synergies.

Executives with DENTSPLY’s prosthetics division and Sirona’s laboratory CAD/CAM division had strong relationships already before the recent merger that created Dentsply Sirona, so they have not needed much time to get acquainted. Instead, they have immediately begun working toward using their new synergistic relationship to accomplish their primary goal of helping dental laboratories.

“As Dentsply Sirona, we are a much stronger laboratory company because we have more critical mass and more capabilities throughout the entire equipment, software, and materials spectrum,” says Tom Leonardi, Group Vice President Global Prosthetics for Dentsply Sirona. “As the dental industry continues to evolve digitally, we are committed to help laboratories to best serve their dentist customers and collaborate digitally. We accompany them on their journey to go digital and support them with trainings and clinical education.”

Dentsply Sirona's line of CAD/CAM equipment and materials now offers customers an even wider array of products and value propositions.

“With our innovations and the new technologies, we are offering solutions in order to support them to provide better, safer, and faster dental care,” Leonardi says. “These are not empty words—we want to be The Dental Solutions Company for our customers globally.”

Additionally, new products are developed while considering and utilizing these synergies. The company has more than 600 scientists and engineers working on research and development.

“By working together from the beginning of the product development process and leveraging all of our combined resources, we can optimize technology, materials, and software more effectively than ever,” says Norbert Ulmer, Director of Laboratory CAD/CAM for Dentsply Sirona.

Vision, Direction, and Trust

Ulmer says his philosophy and the attitude that his business unit brings to Dentsply Sirona is based on empowerment of both its customers and its employees.

“We thrive based on our vision of delivering innovative dental solutions to improve oral health worldwide,” Ulmer says. “That creates a constructive, cooperative, and innovative atmosphere in which the best ideas rise to the top, regardless of who thought of them. The ambition is to encourage everybody that we all count. The company is characterized by individuals, their expertise, and their passion to bring us forward.”

By empowering its employees to create groundbreaking technology and materials, Dentsply Sirona empowers dental laboratories to produce better restorations more efficiently, and thus remain viable and profitable.

“Our laboratory partners create amazing, high-quality restorations for their dentist customers,” says Casey Conroy, Director of Sales and Customer Care Group for Dentsply Sirona. “I believe our constant drive to develop innovative material and equipment solutions are the value drivers for our laboratory partners so they can continue to make the restorations that have made their businesses so successful over the years.

“Dentsply Sirona will continue to drive the unique and innovative laboratory solutions that our customers can trust. This trust in our materials and equipment will continue to shorten manufacturing processes, reduce remakes, and provide the high-quality products that the dentists are demanding.”

Products for Everyone

Products and solutions such as the inLab line of CAD/CAM equipment, a wide variety of materials, and Sirona Connect are among the value propositions that Dentsply Sirona offers.

“There is no other company that provides the access to digital dentists that Sirona Connect offers,” Ulmer says. “It adds to the bottom line by bringing in more business, eliminating pickups, reducing the number of models, and streamlining the resources within the laboratory.”

Leonardi notes that the company has products to help dental laboratories with varying degrees of digital integration.

“Whether they are fully involved with scanning and milling, or scanning only, we can help them. If they prefer to remain traditional, we have an array of good analog materials that we are still innovating and improving,” Leonardi says.

The drive to provide the best products, Conroy says, starts at the top with Dentsply Sirona’s senior leadership continuing a strong dedication and commitment to the laboratory industry.

“Our leaders are extremely strategic, and strong believers in the core values that make this a great company,” Conroy says.

The merger that created Dentsply Sirona was just another example of that.

“Sirona has a very long and successful track record of bringing the best CAD/CAM solutions to the dental laboratory industry,” Conroy says. “DENTSPLY also has a very long and successful track record for developing innovative materials. The new Dentsply Sirona company will offer true end-to-end system solutions to our laboratory partners to help drive the results they demand.”

4 Key Take Aways

The new Dentsply Sirona has more critical mass and more capabilities throughout the entire equipment, software, and materials spectrum.

The company has more than 600 scientists and engineers working on research and development, utilizing new synergies at all stages of the process.

Trusted products shorten manufacturing processes, reduce remakes, and provide the high-quality products that the dentists are demanding.

Dentsply Sirona Prosthetics has solutions for laboratories of all types, including analog products that are still being innovated and improved.

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