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Inside Dental Technology
August 2016
Volume 7, Issue 8

Apps & More

Web Resources for Business

As a streamlined workflow becomes increasingly important for laboratories, any advantage can be helpful. Many owners and managers might not even be aware of the wide range of helpful web-based resources that are available to facilitate how you do business. Here are 10 that we found to help you get started.


The lure of the Internet can hinder productivity. RescueTime gives you an accurate understanding of where you are really spending your valuable time throughout the day. It allows you to block distracting websites, set alerts for when you spend too much time on a particular activity, and log accomplishments throughout the day.

Cisco WebEx Meetings

Collaboration between business associates in different locations is now easier. Cisco WebEx Meetings allows employees to engage in real-time, productive web meetings anytime, anywhere, even on a mobile device. WebEx Meetings provides users with a centralized online space for easily and securely sharing agendas, files, notes, and more, through either integrated voice conferencing or high-definition video conferencing.


The Slack messaging app provides team communication for the 21st century. Employees working on major or minor projects can join Slack’s channels to assure that everyone is doing their part. Channels can be created for a specific project or topic. Team members can include files, images, PDFs, and other documents in the channel, add comments, and search for a specific topic at any time.

Polaris Office

Being able to work from any device anywhere is important. With Polaris Office, users can access and edit document formats such as MS Office, PDF, and TXT in a single program. Polaris then makes it easy to share your documents through multiple cloud storage sites, all synchronized on any of your devices.

Google Analytics

Understanding what your customers are looking for is vital for any business. Google Analytics allows its users to track engagement and insights on websites, apps, or offline channels. Users can evaluate their marketing channels, test and deliver personal experiences on their sites, and make useful decisions concerning data.


SumoMe helps users grow their business websites’ traffic. The “List Builder” feature converts one-time visitors into email subscribers, catching visitors before they leave your site and asking them to subscribe, while “Heat Maps” allow users to see exactly where people click on their page.


Groove is simple help-desk software for any business. Personal customer support is made simple through Groove’s ticketing system. Teams can collaborate on customer emails, social media posts, chats, and calls via one help desk. It also allows users to measure employees’ performance and stay on top of online customer support metrics.


With several people working on one or several projects, ensuring that all team members are on the same page can be difficult. Basecamp helps employees organize their roles through a private, secure online space. When a new initiative comes up, users can create a new Basecamp, invite team members, and upload documents and notes.


Take the stress out of your human resources administration needs. Zenefits integrates all of your company’s HR offerings, including payroll, 401(k), paid time off, attendance, and benefits and insurance, giving business owners greater control and employees better access to HR management.


With hundreds of customizable templates, Wix website builder has plenty of options for a new website. Its easy-to-use layout allows users to customize images and text, create a website domain, and rely on free and dependable hosting to keep a website secure.

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