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Inside Dental Technology
June 2016
Volume 7, Issue 6

CAM Implant Bars

In this Buyer’s Guide, learn about some of the latest CAM implant bars on the market. To find out more about these products, visit the websites provided.

1. Nobel Biocare

Each NobelProcera restoration comes with an authenticity label for your case documentation and to give to patients. An extensive warranty covers all restorations and implants, including implants not from Nobel Biocare. NobelProcera products are thoroughly verified and validated.

2. PREAT Corporation

SLM Printed Implant Suprastructures with superior mechanical retention, undercuts, finish lines, and angled screw channels allow the technician to provide patient-specific restorations on more than 240 platforms.

3. DENTSPLY Implants

In addition to patient-specific, cement- and screw-retained restorative solutions for all major implant systems, DENTSPLY Implants also provides a full range of bar, bridge, and hybrid suprastructures for fixed and removable implant-supported prostheses.

4. Glidewell Laboratories

Inclusive® CAD/CAM Implant Bars and Frameworks are designed and milled using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM manufacturing processes that provide a high degree of precision, strength, and consistency.

5. Straumann

Straumann® CARES® SRBB are available in multiple materials for abutment-level, implant-level, or combination platform designs, with 10 years’ coverage under The Straumann Guarantee®.

6. Core3dcentres

Core3dcentres is a complete, one-stop solution for titanium bars and milled frameworks in PMMA, zirconia, titanium, and CrCo for screw-retained bridges. Currently 19 implant brands with 105 different connections are supported.

7. Panthera Dental

Panthera Dental can mill any implant bars in the world. Panthera accepts STL files from all software applications or can scan and design a bar for you. The company offers many innovative concepts: Double Structure, ReBourke, Integrated Bar, Lock ‘n’ Release, and many more.

8. CreoDent Milling Center

CreoDent Milling Center can deliver excellent solutions to all your bar needs. CreoDent’s master dental technicians will provide you with unparalleled design and quality. There is a five-day turnaround time for all bars.

9. Custom Milling Center

CMC offers precision-milled bars to fit every indication, ensuring your laboratory always offers the most complete selection of restorative options.

10. Aurident, Inc.

Aurident’s Delta Milling Center offers companies the opportunity to mill implant bars from either models or STL files. Bars are milled from dental-grade titanium and can have either snap-on or screw retainers. The typical laboratory time for bars is six working days in the laboratory.

11. Cagenix

Cagenix 360, the new overlay-on-frame system from Cagenix, features a monolithic PMMA or zirconia overlay mated to a milled titanium framework.

12. Zimmer Biomet Dental

BellaTek® Bars and Frameworks provide simplified laboratory procedures for removable and fixed prostheses with precision difficult to match using conventional laboratory techniques. Disclaimer: Zimmer Dental products and Biomet 3i products may not be cross-compatible. Please refer to individual product labeling for compatibility information.

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