Inside Dental Technology
April 2016
Volume 7, Issue 4

Zirlux FC2: Versatility, Esthetics, Time Savings

Pre-shaded zirconia helps laboratory in various ways

By Ken Lederman

We have been milling zirconia at Ceramic Arts Dental Laboratory for more than 10 years, and we have used a number of different zirconia products from various manufacturers. A few years ago, we decided to try Zirlux® FC2 from Zahn Dental, and it has made a profound impact on our laboratory.

We were driven to try Zirlux FC2 because it is pre-shaded, which provides significant time-savings. When we mill a restoration, especially late in the day, it is extremely helpful that the product requires no further processing time. There is no need to stain and then dip and dry. We can mill a crown at 6:30 p.m. and put it in the oven, and there is no need for a technician to stay for another 30 minutes. If there are 15 restorations to cut out, it is not necessary to then dip all 15 and wait for drying. With other products, that process could add 90 minutes to the day.

Zirlux FC2 immediately lived up to our expectations when we first began using it for restorations. We found it fairly easy to achieve the desired shade. Some of the darker shades involve slightly more work, but many can be achieved with one or two firings.

Another significant benefit of Zirlux FC2 is its versatility. If we want to do a facial cutback, we can bake porcelain directly onto it. We can fabricate a case with one full-contour zirconia crown, perhaps on a molar, and then as we work our way forward we employ layering techniques on the rest of the crowns, depending on what the dentist or the particular case requires. The esthetics of Zirlux FC2 has met our expectations, and so has its versatility.

Our clients have noticed the exceptional quality of our restorations with Zirlux FC2. The feedback has been excellent. Many of our dentists have completely abandoned PFM in favor of Zirlux FC2 crowns and several have said the restorations actually look more esthetically pleasing than PFMs. That is especially true when there is limited occlusal space and it is not possible to create nice anatomy or nice internal layering. Even with less than 1 mm of occlusal space, we can create a beautiful crown with this zirconia.

Zahn Dental’s marketing is very helpful. A large number of zirconia products are available on the market, but Zahn’s marketing of the Zirlux brand, including the “I am Type Z” campaign, helps separate it from the rest. We have dentists who ask for Zirlux by name, which is a real benefit to the laboratory.

Overall, Zirlux FC2 has definitely lived up to our expectations. We have been using it for several years now and plan to continue using it in the future.

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