February 2016
Volume 7, Issue 2

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Zest Anchors Introduces Next-Generation LOCATOR R-Tx™

LOCATOR R-Tx™ from Zest Anchors represents an evolution for implant-retained, tissue-supported overdentures by building on 15 years of clinical experience with the award-winning LOCATOR® and making it a better, simpler, and stronger system.

With LOCATOR R-Tx, laboratories will quickly realize a number of practical benefits. Enhancements to the abutment and retention insert work in harmony with the redesigned denture attachment housing to allow for a 50% increase in pivoting capability (60° between implants), eliminating the need for pre-angled abutments. A dual-sided retention insert tool allows for easy insertion and removal of the retention insert. One set of retention inserts offers straightforward retention values: zero, low, medium, and high.

The industry-standard .050-inch/1.25-mm hex drive mechanism negates the need for a dedicated placement tool. An all-in-one, double-ended vial separately holds abutment and processing components, providing all the necessary components for the case with one part number. Also, a novel, new-to-dentistry coating is esthetic, harder, and more wear resistant.

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