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Inside Dental Technology
September 2015
Volume 6, Issue 9

Zolid FX: Super-Translucent Zirconia

Esthetics and strength suitable for anterior or posterior restorations

By Bob Cohen, CDT

Over the last several months, we have seen a new generation of dental zirconia emerge. Referred to as super translucent, this new material is a major step forward in materials advancement for indirect dental restorations. We all know zirconia discs are cost effective (about $7 per unit for materials) and require less labor than any other material produced in a laboratory. For the first time we now have a zirconia material that much more closely resembles the translucency of natural teeth. We see favorable or better comparative esthetics to lithium disilicate with 50% more strength and less labor when compared to pressing.

Amann Girrbach has developed an incredibly comprehensive super-translucent zirconia disc and product-specific coloring system, making this a complete comprehensive solution. Adding to the already complete end-to-end laboratory product line, the all-new Ceramill Zolid FX, available in both 71- and 98-mm discs, is the latest addition to the world’s most comprehensive, very high-quality laboratory product line. Zolid FX has been developed to be a best-in-class system in the new super-translucent, 600 MPa flexural strength zirconia material category. Unlike many other zirconia materials, Zolid FX is adequately esthetic for anterior restoration as well as being adequately strong for posteriors back to molars. Zolid FX also comes with a significantly lower manufacturing cost than that of lithium disilicate, making it a great choice for both small and large laboratories.

Amann Girrbach has built a new disc and complete green state coloring kit specifically designed to easily obtain accurate hue, chroma, and value for every shade when used in combination with Zolid FX discs. This is very important because all green state coloring systems, even when used correctly, will result in different, incorrect shading if not matched specifically to the zirconia disc used. The Zolid pre-shaded system will include all 16 Vita body shades, several enamels, and a variety of modifiers. In fact, a major reason why pre-shaded zirconia discs have become so popular is the poor match of random zirconia discs to coloring systems developed for other zirconia discs. This new system ensures consistency and ease of use with great final esthetic results.

Amann Girrbach is bringing Zolid FX to the market with the most comprehensive training videos, tutorials, and support to ensure ease of transition. The goal is for laboratories that embrace this product to obtain immediate, high-quality results and success.

Later this year Amann Girrbach will add 2 additional products to this super-translucent (600 MPa) product line: Zolid FX pre-shaded and Zolid FX multi-shaded discs. For those not interested in green state coloring, these additions will enable one to go from mill to sintering and bypass the coloring steps associated with white discs. Lastly, the simple transition to the multicolor disc will provide a simple solution to a far more natural-looking full-contour multi-shaded monolithic restoration. If you have not been involved in the full-contour zirconia market, the time is here and the Zolid FX complete system is a very viable choice.

Disclaimer: The statements and opinions contained in the preceding material are not of the editors, publisher, or the Editorial Board of Inside Dental Technology.

Key Takeaways

› Ceramill Zolid FX is super-translucent but has a flexural strength of 600 MPa, making it 50% stronger than lithium disilicate.
› Combination of translucency, strength, and low manufacturing cost make it suitable for anterior or posterior restorations.
› Comprehensive training videos, tutorials, and support ensure immediate success.

About the Author

Bob Cohen, CDT
Stoneham, Massachusetts
Advance Dental Technologies
Stoneham, Massachusetts

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