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Inside Dental Technology
April 2015
Volume 6, Issue 4

Maximize Your Laboratory’s Efficiency

Submit your split-file cases to Argen Digital

Digital technologies continue to drive our industry forward, offering an exponential number of benefits to the dental laboratory. The advancement of 3D design software has enabled the dental laboratory to simultaneously design all aspects of a single case for output as a split file. This gives laboratories the opportunity to submit a single digital file directly to one outsourcing center for fabrication of all products involved in that case, from model to semi-finished crown. This helps to eliminate many hassles of the analog workflow, including hand trimming models, pouring wax molds, hand casting crowns and bridges, and the potential element of human error. These advancements in technologies have elevated the level of dentistry performed by the dental laboratory including improved fit and function, while drastically reducing production times.

Split files benefit the dental laboratory by streamlining workflows and eliminating the hassle of juggling multiple manufacturing sites. A split file allows the technician to simultaneously design all elements of a case from digital model through a semi-finished restoration and bundle the manufacturing information into one digital file. This file may include the design for a digital model and digital model analog (DIM), custom abutment, PMMA temporary, wax top, and semi-final restoration. Semi-final restorative components may include a CAD/cast full gold crown, porcelain fused to metal (PFM) from a selective laser melted (SLM) substructure, full-contour zirconia, or a zirconia frame with layered or pressed porcelain.

Simplify and Save Time
Simplify your process and save time and money by sending your split-file cases to Argen Digital for manufacturing. When you send your split files to Argen Digital, you are guaranteed to receive accurately fitting cases with quick 2-day turnaround. And because Argen Digital offers the industry’s most complete digital product offering, your entire case can be fulfilled by Argen. You also receive the support of Argen’s team of dedicated sales and technical support specialists, ensuring that each case you submit to Argen Digital is a success.

Argen Digital’s product offering includes:
Argen SLM substructures in High Noble, Noble, and Non Precious
Argen CAD/Cast DPM in 19 of the company’s most popular alloys
ArgenZ Zirconia
ArgenIS Custom Abutments
SLM Captek
Digital Models

Argen Digital is an industry leader not only in digital manufacturing technologies but also in cloud-based file transfer. With their recently launched, custom file upload system, 3Shape users export their designs from Dental Manager and simply drag and drop their CAD files into Argen Digital’s portal for upload, including split files. Argen Digital believes this game-changing improvement to the file upload experience will streamline the ordering process and offer their laboratory partners significant time savings of up to 80%. Laboratories can batch upload files of various material types and restoration sizes concurrently. When a split file is received at Argen Digital, the file information is extrapolated, divided and each respective product within that file is sent off to manufacturing. And as with all Argen Digital products, all that is required is: “One day to make. One day to ship.”

Argen Digital continues to develop inventive products to help drive the dental industry forward. Watch for more exciting product releases throughout 2015.

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