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Inside Dental Technology
February 2015
Volume 6, Issue 2

Advanced Press Improves Efficiency and Accuracy

A modern, high-tech, and user-friendly pressing furnace for ceramists

By Matthew R. Roberts, CDT, AAACD | Michael Roberts

As laboratories work to create consistent restorations, advances in materials and equipment have led to greater technological improvements in pressing predictability and outcomes. This allows ceramists to utilize durable and highly esthetic materials, while controlling the pressing process to produce reliable results, reducing complications associated with pressing furnaces and improving machine operation.

Among the products designed to enhance pressing technology, the Programat® EP 5010 Pressing Furnace provides laboratory ceramists with a modern, high-tech, and user-friendly furnace. Unlike other pressing furnaces, the Programat EP 5010 Pressing Furnace features Automatic Infrared Monitoring (AIM) to recognize the size and temperature of the investment ring, reducing the potential for failed presses. This press signals a warning automatically when the investment ring is preheated insufficiently, saving the ceramists from pressing materials prematurely. AIM also allows for up to 20% faster pre-drying, increasing the convenience and reliability of the press and firing procedures.

With the addition of the QTK2 muffle technology and SiC bottom reflector, the investment ring yields exceptional press results because of its ability to achieve optimum heating. This provides smoother pressing, resulting in better consistency and quality of restorations. It also presses restorations quicker than conventional furnaces, saving time while maintaining quality.

Designed for simple and easy operation, this furnace also presses difficult-to-press objects with thin marginal areas. As ceramists look for ways improve efficiency while maintaining quality, the unique user-friendly interface is simple to learn and use. In practice, the combined technological advances improve predictability, efficiency, and results.

The Programat EP 5010 Pressing Furnace utilizes a variety of individual firing programs and individual press programs. Uniquely engineered to press new IPS e.max® Press Multi ingots, this furnace includes specially coordinated programs for other Ivoclar Vivadent materials.


As technological advances continue to improve dental tools and equipment, ceramists look for ways to offer increased predictability and esthetic results. This furnace proves exceptional in its ability to offer even heating, reliable results, and automatic processing of high-quality materials.

Key Takeaways

• Automatic infrared monitoring, increasing the convenience and process reliability of press and firing
• Ensures optimum heating of the investing ring
• Engineered to press the new Multi ingots

Disclaimer: The statements and opinions contained in the preceding material are not of the editors, publisher, or the Editorial Board of Inside Dental Technology.

Matthew R. Roberts, CDT, AAACD
CMR Dental Laboratory
Idaho Falls, ID

Michael Roberts
Director of Computer Design and Milling
CMR Dental Laboratory
Idaho Falls, ID

Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.

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