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Inside Dental Technology
January 2015
Volume 6, Issue 1

Save Time by Working Smarter with Wondertech Articulators

The success of any case depends on the accuracy of the clinical and technical steps carried out in the diagnostic, treatment planning, and restorative phases of treatment. The use of an articulator by the dental team ensures the accuracy in determining functional, esthetic, and occlusal solutions. Dental Creations provides a one-stop solution with a versatile and affordable product, saving the laboratory valuable time.

“Wondertech Articulators are a durable plastic articulator that can be used for full dentures, crown and bridge cases, and partial denture work,” says Gina Parker, Limited Partner for the company. “They stand out from the crowd because they function like metal articulators, are affordable and disposable, are made of ABS plastic, and are lightweight and easily adjustable.”

The fact that they are disposable makes life easier for the laboratory professional by eliminating the messy cleanup necessary with their metal counterparts. Metal articulators have to be washed before reuse, adding to the laboratory processes and time.

“These articulators are easy to work with—a laboratory technician whether working on a crown and bridge or full denture case can use the Wondertech Articulators for either,” Parker says, pointing out that metal articulators are case specific and require the technician to use either the metal crown and bridge articulator or the full denture articulator to complete the case. Wondertech Articulators can be used for implants, bridge work, anterior to posterior multi-unit cases, and even denture and partial work.

“Wondertech Articulators are affordable enough that the technician can send the finished product to the dental office mounted on the articulator,” Parker notes, adding that the small articulator costs $57.95 and the large version $64.95 (screw and screw tap are sold separately at $21.95). “Then, if there is a problem, the dentist can see where the error has occurred.”

Because Wondertech Articulators save time, they increase the overall production output in the laboratory, Parker explains. But Wondertech Articulators aren’t like other plastic articulators; they are stronger and more durable, she says. “Other plastic articulators have a tendency to rock back and forth or they can flex and bow, which makes them difficult to work with. The dental technician constantly has to reposition the articulator to make it stable,” Parker says. “Our articulators do not have these stability problems. They are made of a more durable, stable product, which helps make a better end product.”

Wondertech Articulators are easier to mount than metal devices. “The bottom piece slides in and out and the top piece will move up and down or from left to right, which makes it easier to adjust the model to the right angle,” Parker says. With all these efficiency features, Wondertech Articulators clearly benefit the laboratory’s bottom line.

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