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Inside Dental Technology
January 2015
Volume 6, Issue 1

Amann Girrbach and CAP Announce Partneship

A shared mission of high-quality products, education, and support

On December 8, 2014, Amann Girrbach GmbH (AG) and Custom Automated Prosthetics (CAP) announced the formation of a North American distribution, sales, and customer support partnership for the AG product line.

“CAP now has the largest selection of high-quality CAD/CAM products available to the market today,” said Rob Nazzal, chief executive officer (CEO), CAP, in an exclusive interview with Inside Dental Technology. “The partnership with AG now allows CAP to provide the broadest set of options to fit the unique needs of each customer.”

Marco Ratz, CEO of AG, added, “We believe this partnership between the two companies will strengthen AG’s mission to provide the US dental laboratory industry with a completely integrated range of products and service solutions designed to ensure customer success.”

All direct sales and customer service support functions smoothly transitioned on January 5 from AG’s Charlotte, North Carolina, corporate office to CAP headquarters in Stoneham, Massachusetts. Ratz explained that AG’s corporate office will function as the marketing and product service and repair arm for the company’s line of products and also act as additional support for CAP. Working together, CAP and AG will continue to provide laboratories with expert advice and high-quality product solutions, customer support, and education.

“Amann Girrbach customers will have full access to CAP’s industry-leading product and service line, and CAP customers will have full access to AG’s new innovative materials and digital product solutions as well,” said Nazzal. “AG customers will also now have a backup milling center for overflow production or in the case of work disruption.”

The two companies also plan on capitalizing on and leveraging CAP’s in-depth US market expertise in concert with AG’s global R&D and manufacturing teams to continue to bring innovative and state-of-the-art products to the North American market. “It is a corporate synergy borne out of a mutual commitment to the success of the dental laboratory industry and to providing each customer with solutions that best fit their specific needs,” said Bob Cohen, CAP’s president and cofounder. “The sum efforts of our two companies working together, we believe, will be of much greater benefit to the industry than each operating individually,” he said.

Among the new products that will be available from CAP in the first quarter of 2015 are a titanium abutment upgrade for Motion 2 users, the new competitively priced Mikro dry mill, and the Ceramill Motion 2 full denture solution. Other new products can be expected throughout the year from the AG pipeline of innovations, which is aimed at driving the in-house manufacturing movement. “CAP’s in-depth knowledge of the US market will help the AG R&D team in Austria better understand the needs of the North American market and develop solutions that meet those needs,” Ratz said.

Nazzal notes, “At the core of this partnership is a shared mission to drive continued success for dental laboratories. We will continue to help dental laboratories move forward by providing them with open, integrated world-class solutions as well as the unsurpassed education, training, and support they need to operate a successful business.”

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