Inside Dental Technology
December 2014
Volume 5, Issue 12

Perfect Fit: The Roland DWX-4 Dental Milling Machine


A compact, versatile, and user-friendly addition to laboratories of all sizes

Today, digital dental technologies are transforming every aspect of the dental industry. The days of tedious, manual production of crowns, copings, and bridges are fast disappearing. The latest technological advancements in scanning, CAD/CAM software, and CNC milling allow digital dental laboratories to deliver custom production with speed and precision. Better fit and esthetics promote patient satisfaction, while technicians enjoy greater productivity with faster turnaround and optimal accuracy and repeatability. However, for those laboratories that haven’t yet jumped into digital, choosing a manufacturer can be daunting. That’s where the Roland DWX-4 really shines.

Small Footprint, Big Results

The Roland DWX-4 is the most compact and user-friendly dental milling machine available. Like its larger family member, Roland’s DWX-50, it is capable of milling a wide variety of materials with reliable precision. Now, laboratories can produce dental prosthetics with consistent accuracy at a very affordable price.

Built for Any Size

With its small footprint and entry-level price, the DWX-4 is ideal for small and mid-size laboratories that are not yet using digital tools, or for those with scanners that no longer wish to outsource production. It’s also perfect for laboratories needing a second device for urgent jobs that doesn’t tie up their larger production mills. It can economically mill a single crown or small bridge quickly and easily.

A Wide Variety of Materials

The DWX-4 is equipped to mill a wide variety of standard blocks and pin-type materials, including wax, PMMA, zirconia, VITA ENAMIC® hybrid ceramic, and 3M™ ESPE™ Lava™ Ultimate Restorative nano ceramic resin. For those who prefer lithium disilicate, the DWX-4 is also capable of milling anatomically detailed wax restorations and can be used to cast materials such as IPS e.max PRESS (white paper available).

Powerful Yet Easy to Use

The DWX-4 combines simultaneous 4-axis milling with simple 1-button operation. An automated tool changer provides 2 tools for precision milling, from start to unattended finish. Monitoring production is enhanced by the large viewing area and LED-lit interior. A status light alerts the operator of any errors or malfunction to help prevent wasted time and materials and enable technicians to carry out the milling process with confidence.

Backed by Roland

Roland dental milling machines combine superior performance with legendary reliability. Tens of thousands of Roland users in more than 133 countries rely on Roland’s unmatched customer service and support.

To use an ROI calculator to determine how much money you can save, or to find out more about how dental laboratories are using the DWX-4 to increase their productivity and profitability, please visit www.rolanddga.com/dental and look for the testimonial by laboratory manager Henry Matus of 3D Dentricity.

For more information, contact:
Roland DGA Corp.
P (800) 542-2307

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