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Inside Dental Technology
November 2014
Volume 5, Issue 11

Outsourcing Strategies

Helping laboratories maintain a competitive advantage

As the dental technology industry has begun to more fully understand the strategic value that outsourcing offers in terms of increased operational efficiencies, reduced labor costs, and access to deliverables not achievable with in-house production capabilities, the numbers of centralized production centers have expanded. Outsourcing production is one of the few business strategies that can—if exercised correctly—fundamentally transform a business and increase its competitiveness exponentially.

In a business environment challenged by dwindling human resources, aggressive developments in materials, and expensive technological innovations, outsourcing becomes a lifeline for companies to maintain relevance and competitive advantage. It offers access to new products and technical skills that can’t be found or afforded, in addition to freeing up management to focus more on the core values of the business and developing a position in different markets and revenue streams.

As the market continues to shift from analog to digitally-produced end products, the need for centralized production centers will continue to grow. Today, most any product, in whole or in part, is available through an outsource provider. Wax patterns for casting or pressing, milled gold or 3D laser-sintered noble and non-precious copings and frameworks, zirconia substructures and full-contour restorations, implant abutments and bars, 3D-printed models, even milled full dentures—the range of restorative products available through outsource providers will continue to expand in tandem with new material developments, technologies, and production processes. In turn, this opportunity will allow even the smallest of businesses to increase production, react to a changing market, and level the playing field.

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