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Inside Dental Technology
May 2014
Volume 5, Issue 5

SIMPLANT® + ATLANTIS™ = Immediate Smile®

Immediate individualized temporization in a single surgical visit

By Jennifer Nelson

THE IMMEDIATE Smile® concept featuring ATLANTIS™ Abutment combines the proven benefits of SIMPLANT® guided surgery and ATLANTIS patient-specific abutment design into a solution that delivers considerable clinical and patient value.

The combination of these components creates ideal conditions for individualized esthetics and healthy soft-tissue. The SIMPLANT Guide and the ATLANTIS Abutment in titanium, gold-shaded titanium, or zirconia are delivered to the dentist at implant installation with the temporary crown. This allows for immediate individualized temporization, even at the time of tooth extraction.

When the desired level of healing is achieved, the clinician can choose to keep the ATLANTIS Abutment in place for the final restoration, which minimizes changes in the components that interface with the implant. An abutment-level impression or intraoral scan is then taken for the fabrication of the final crown.

This system facilitates streamlined digital communication between the clinician, laboratory, and production facilities for SIMPLANT and ATLANTIS. The SIMPLANT Guide and ATLANTIS Abutment order is placed through the SIMPLANT Online Shop. The order includes the ATLANTIS Abutment Core File, which enables the fast and convenient digital design and milling of the temporary crown. The shipping of case models is not required when an intraoral scan or laboratory-based model scan(s) are available in the SIMPLANT treatment plan.

Fully Digital and Simplified Workflow

After undergoing a CBCT or CT scan, the patient’s dentition and soft tissue are also captured via an intraoral or model scan. Figure 1 shows a sample virtual representation of the desired crown from a model scan.

From there, the SIMPLANT project file is assembled with bone, soft tissue, and desired tooth setup. Once those steps are complete, the file is ready for digital treatment planning (Figure 2). The clinician plans the case using SIMPLANT and places an order for the SIMPLANT Guide and ATLANTIS Abutment with his or her preferred dental laboratory via the SIMPLANT Online Shop. The laboratory then confirms the abutment design requirements with the clinician and completes the abutment order using the ATLANTIS WebOrder system. The laboratory also obtains specifications for the temporary crown.

Once the ATLANTIS Abutment is designed, an email notification is sent to both the laboratory and the clinician for review. At this time, the laboratory can either approve the design for production or request further changes (Figure 3). The abutment design file can also be imported back into the SIMPLANT planning file.

After the file is approved, the ATLANTIS Abutment is manufactured by DENTSPLY Implants. Digital files are also provided to the laboratory with an ATLANTIS Abutment Core File for the design and milling of the temporary crown. Before surgery, DENTSPLY Implants sends the SIMPLANT Guide to the clinician. The laboratory is responsible for sending the patient-specific abutment and temporary crown (Figure 4).

Dental teams working with SIMPLANT and ATLANTIS Abutments can provide their patients with immediate individualized temporization in one single surgical visit. Figure 5 shows the alveolus after careful extraction of central incisor. After extraction, the SIMPLANT Guide with index marking is used to ensure correct rotational alignment of the implant (Figure 6). Once it is properly aligned, the implant is installed in the extraction socket using SIMPLANT guided surgery (Figure 7 and Figure 8).

Through the use of the Immediate Smile Concept, the clinician was able to deliver extraordinary anatomical soft tissue contouring (Figure 9). After the desired contouring was achieved, the clinician took an implant-level impression for abutment and final crown (Figure 10).

(Figure 11) shows the final ATLANTIS Abutment in gold-shaded titanium, as well as the final crown based on the implant-level impression. Figure 12 demonstrates the ATLANTIS Abutment in place with individualized esthetics and healthy soft tissue. The final result is healthy soft tissue and an esthetic emergence profile (Figure 13).

Disclaimer: The preceding material was provided by the manufacturer. The statements and opinions contained therein are solely those of the manufacturer and not of the editors, publisher, or the Editorial Board of Inside Dental Technology.

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About the Author

Jennifer Nelson is the Associate Product Manager for SIMPLANT® Software at DENTSPLY Implants North America in Waltham, MA.

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