Inside Dental Technology
April 2014
Volume 5, Issue 4

Advanced Polymer Network

Merz Dental's PMMA offers an advanced organic modified polymer network

Merz Dental’s PMMA (Poly-methyl Methacrylate) is a long-term temporary solution distinguished by its chemically homogenous, fiber-free, and highly cross-linked modified polymer network. These features make Merz Dental’s PMMA more tissue-friendly, more chemically-stable, stronger, and easier to mill and finish.

This PMMA meets and exceeds patient expectations when it comes to finding a natural and highly esthetic temporary. The material remains stable when subject to mechanical, chemical, bacterial, and thermal load, retains an accurate fit while being worn, is plaque-resistant, and is not subject to discoloration or staining. The unique composition and manufacturing process changes the scope of use for “temporary material” by offering an unmatched product with an advanced polymer network that enables a highly esthetic look with long-term durability. Because of its unique features, Merz Dental PMMA reduces costs and saves time versus using a lower-grade PMMA or traditional acrylic-based solutions. Using this temporary material as a placeholder for the final all-ceramic or PFM is an innovative solution that will maximize laboratory profits and earn 100% of the dentists’ business.

The Advanced Polymer Networked PMMA

On a nano level, Merz Dental PMMA combines different macro-molecule components that are free from any inorganic fillers, fibers, or substances to create the most densely-packed three-dimensional polymer network on the market. The macro-molecules are highly cross-linked in a way that maximizes the abrasion strength, temperature resistance (up to 300°C), color-stability, and chemical consistency of the PMMA (Figure 1).

The PMMA has high-mechanical durability and resilience because there are no inorganic fillers or fibers to create tension, brittleness, or chipping. Due to its high resilience, the material possesses an integrated “shock absorber” feature that prevents chipping and ensures an excellent border seal at only 50 mµ. This border seal value is exceptional, as most competitor PMMAs will start to chip at wall thicknesses of < 200 mµ.

The End Result

Because of the high level of material purity, Merz Dental’s PMMA is easier to mill and finish. The finishing process is fast and simple, requiring only a high shine polish to attain the most esthetic look possible. Using the right goat or bison hair acrylic polishing brush at 10,000-15,000 RPMs in conjunction with a high-shine polish for acrylics will yield the best esthetics. The high level of material purity also lends to Merz Dental’s PMMA’s status as the most translucent material on the market.

A densely packed three-dimensional polymer network is also highly tissue-friendly for the patient and per manufacturer studies is approved for long-term use up to three years. A long-lasting, tissue-friendly PMMA crown or bridge that is highly esthetic, as well as abrasion, stain, and plaque-resistant means that dental laboratories and dentists will have the opportunity to provide a high quality temporary product that generates residual business.

Availability and Specifications

The high translucent (for anteriors) and tooth-colored PMMA lines are available in 16 VITA shades, four bleach shades, and a medical-grade clear. The medical-grade clear is indicated for bite splints, night guards, implant drilling templates, etc. The PMMA is available in the 16mm and 20mm heights for use in milling machines requiring 95mm notched, 98.3mm and 100mm discs.

Merz Dental’s PMMA has a solubility of 0.2 μg/mm3; absorption of 26.5 μg/mm3; module of elasticity of 2.773; density of 1.19 g/cm3; and flexural strength of 91.5 Mpa-96.6 MPa. The physical properties are based on tests according to DIN ISO 13485 / DIN EN ISO 9001.

Disclaimer: The preceding material was provided by the manufacturer. The statements and opinions contained therein are solely those of the manufacturer and not of the editors, publisher, or the Editorial Board of Inside Dental Technology.

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