Inside Dental Technology
May 2013
Volume 4, Issue 5


Broaden your laboratory’s capabilities with a dedicated team to ensure your business’s success.

As the landscape of the dental industry shifts toward digital solutions, the direction of business for both manufacturers and dental laboratories is also experiencing a monumental change. As new digital technologies are adopted, laboratories of all sizes are able to offer a more robust suite of products to their dentist clients through the digital workflow. By partnering with a trusted digital outsourcing center, such as Argen Digital, laboratories are able to broaden their current product offerings, expand capacity, and enhance the quality and consistency of their restorations without any additional financial investments required to purchase capital equipment.

Committed to You

Over the past 50 years, The Argen Corporation has established its position as the largest dental alloy manufacturer in the world, with over 600 dental alloys sold in over 100 countries. Throughout Argen’s history the company has developed products and services that support the growth and success of dental laboratories. Although its history is rooted in alloys, through the vision of Anton Woolf, CEO, the Argen Corporation continues to innovate and invest in the future of the company, the future of dentistry, and the future of its laboratory partners.

Argen Digital

Six years ago, Argen began investing in digital technologies and purchased its first selective laser melting (SLM) machine. This began the development and expansion of Argen Digital, which has now grown into a robust outsourcing center with a continually growing number of 3Shape scanners, SLM machines, milling machines, wax and model printers, and over 40 new and dedicated employees.

Argen Digital offers an ever-expanding list of products using various digital technologies to produce the highest quality restorations for its dental laboratory partners. Housing the most experienced laboratory technicians and research and development teams in the industry, Argen continues to expand its product line to include its most popular alloys and those most requested in the field by laboratories. Argen’s current offering of products and services includes:

Selective Laser Melting (SLM)
Non Precious—ADA Predominantly
NobleCrown—ADA Noble
Digital Precious Metals (DPM)
NobleBond™—ADA Noble
Argedent Euro—ADA Noble
Argelite 71—ADA Noble
Argelite 61—ADA Noble
Argenco 40—ADA Noble
Argenco 40HN—ADA High Noble
Argenco 46—ADA High Noble
Argenco 58—ADA High Noble
Argebond 80—ADA Noble
ArgencoY+—ADA High Noble
Olympia—ADA High Noble
Digital ArgenZ™ Zirconia
Digital Captek™—ADA High Noble
Digital Wax
Digital Models
3Shape Scanners—financing available

Argen Digital will soon be offering implant bars, milled zirconia, custom abutments, and other materials as well.

Trust Your Partner

When laboratories work with Argen Digital, they gain a trusted partner who is committed to supporting them with reliable services, quick turnaround times, and flat-fee pricing. Laboratories have open access to Argen’s dedicated staff of industry-leading customer and technical support team members who are dedicated to each laboratory’s success.

Working with Argen Digital is simple. Laboratories design and scan their restorations using any open architecture or Sirona Scanner, upload STL files to www.argendigital.com, and receive SLM, DPM, or wax units in just 2 business days.

Laboratories of all sizes benefit when partnering with Argen Digital by expanding the products and services offered to their dentists. If you are a dental laboratory looking for a trusted partner with digital dentistry expertise, contact Argen Digital and realize the potential of working with an industry-leading outsourcing center.

The Argen Corporation

P 888-779-0323

W www.argendigital.com

E argeninfo@argen.com

Read more on Argen’s CEO, Anton Woolf, at dentalaegis.com/go/idt375

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