Inside Dental Technology
January 2013
Volume 4, Issue 1

Choosing the Right High-Translucency Zirconia

A material created from nature.

The modern, high-performance zirconia material conquers all domains in the field of dental restorations where extreme precision, durability, and esthetics are required. The DOCERAM Medical Ceramic blanks were developed, in part, to allow for speed, precision, and secure processing in any laboratory anywhere in the world. Materials from the Nacera® Family can produce extremely translucent CAD/CAM bridges, copings, and frameworks, which are then easily implemented by the dentist.

High Translucency

Table 1 shows a comparison of the high-translucency material Nacera ZT, which was developed especially for the use in monolithic zirconia crowns. The choice of the best raw materials is vital, but in the end, the high translucency is achieved by choosing the right process for dense, uniform, and homogeneous restorations.

The Nacera Z Family of materials ensures a 100% Bio Ceramic System based on iron-oxide-free pre-colored blanks in in a variety of colors that help dental technicians match all VITA® colors. The Natural Pearl Color Range® (PCR®) enhances high-translucent restorations by combining absolute naturalness with lifelong durability, which is accompanied by a mechanical strength of up to 1220 MPa.

Since DOCERAM Medical Ceramics is not limited to material selection, they are able to develop colored materials with the translucency of an uncolored material. This makes it possible to create natural-colored restorations with the power, speed, and economical benefits that only digital technology can offer.

United Innovations

DOCERAM Medical Ceramics is the ceramics expert, producer, and developer of highly complex components for the German automotive industry as well as in the field of medical technology—producing milling tools, burrs, drills, pumps, abutments, and implants. DOCERAM helped pave the way in the dental CAD/CAM industry almost 10 years ago and is still serving an arsenal of advanced dental products to ever-changing laboratories and milling centers worldwide.

Nearly five years ago, the director of research and development, Dr. Tobias Fürderer, united the most renowned global manufacturers of the complete process chain to form the Dental Team Deutschland (DTD). Its aim is to make the holistic structure more secure, to refine the processes, and to promote knowledge exchange. This means sharing their most innovative solutions with their team of partners that include industry leaders such as Imetric, Open Mind, DMG, Exocad, Roland, and Dekema.

With more than 8.1 billion units sold in the dental field using the two most established ceramic systems—Tosoh® and Nacera®—the company serves as a technical engineering partner, pro viding its knowledge directly to the customer. But the more decisive argument for dental technicians is the biocompatibility and the 100% guarantee of pure natural materials, which is ultimately the essence of the brand Nacera® (Nacre Ceramics—created from mother earth).

Key Takeaways

Nacera ZT, which is exclusively designed for any sized laboratory or milling center, provides the following benefits:

Secure milling process in series production—up to a cervical margin of 0.3 mm.

Fewer remakes as well as consistent sintering and shrinkage factors.

Compatible with all CAD/CAM systems, stereolithography (STL), and laser-sintering environment.

DOCERAM Medical Ceramics offers:

A complete digital dental process chain, from scanning to milling to sintering.

Dental expert teams—technology and knowledge transfer and product evolution.

High-end selections—opaque and high translucent, pre-colored PCR® System.

Customer support teams with individual branding and marketing solutions.

Disclaimer: The preceding material was provided by the manufacturer. The statements and opinions contained therein are solely those of the manufacturer and not of the editors, publisher, or the Editorial Board of Inside Dental Technology.

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