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Inside Dental Technology
October 2012
Volume 3, Issue 9

Ivoclar Vivadent’s Programat® Line of Furnaces

Experience the Pressing Performance of IPS e.max®

The Programat® EP 5000/G2 and the Programat® EP 3000/G2 from Ivoclar Vivadent set new standards for dental press furnaces. The furnaces’
advanced technology, in combination with Ivoclar Vivadent’s extensive library of materials, has created a system that creates ideal restorations for a wide variety of situations and dental procedures. Ivoclar’s IPS e.max® metal-free material offers highly-esthetic results, and when
using these materials, like the IPS e.max Press or the IPS e.max ZirPress, with Ivoclar’s press furnaces, laboratory technicians not only create restorations with great esthetics, but also with high strength in fast and efficient pressing procedures.

The Programat EP 5000/G2 is a combination pressing and ceramics furnace and has a number of features that set it apart from the competition. Featuring Intelligent Press Function (IPF), the EP 5000/G2 can offer laboratory technicians faster and more esthetic press results to meet extremely specific specifications. These outstanding results stem from the IPF technology, which combines the EP 5000/G2’s patented electronic press drive with the QTK (quartz tub kanthal) heating muffle technology.

Toting user-friendly display and operation, the EP 5000/G2’s operating unit features a large, high-resolution, swivel graphic color display. The user may use the display’s touchscreen, or the EP 5000/G2’s membrane sealed keypad to operate the machine. The display’s menu control uses symbols and texts to guide the user to the appropriate program or setting. The Programat EP 5000/G2 also uses an Optical Status Display (OSD) of color-coded lights to keep the laboratory technician aware of the status of the current restoration, even at a distance.

The Programat EP 5000/G2 uses homogeneous heat distribution to create maximum heating efficiency, and the furnace’s automatic double-range temperature calibration (ATK2) enables fully automatic and accurate temperature calibration in two different temperature ranges, allowing for superior press and firing precision, as well as permitting reproducible press and firing results in different material ranges. In addition to these features, the EP 5000/G2 has a Crack Detection System (CDS) that identifies cracks in the investment ring early and aborts the press procedure before pressing an unusable restoration. These features make the EP 5000/G2 a very effective, efficient machine.

Like the EP 5000/G2, the Programat EP 3000/G2 is a combination pressing furnace and ceramics furnace. Its membrane-sealed keypad with monochromatic display provides simple, language-independent operation. The graphic display is clearly arranged to optimally show the user relevant information, and the simple menu control uses symbols and texts to guide the user to whichever program he or she would like to use.

The EP 3000/G2’s ease-of-use extends above its controls. The furnace chamber itself offers easy access, and the furnace head pivots upwards upon opening to give the user ample working space. There is no need to maneuver around obstacles, as everything is open to the user. The furnace head can also be detached from the furnace itself for transportation and maintenance purposes.

Ivoclar’s EP 3000/G2 is also very efficient. It’s electronic press drive with force sensor controls the pressure of the press plunger precisely, leading to superb press results. In addition, the furnace’s homogeneous heat distribution ensures optimum results, and high-performance heating elements permits a temperature increase of up to 140°C/252°F
per minute.

In addition to their extensive line of high-tech, high-functioning products, Ivoclar Vivadent is dedicated to creating products that use energy efficiently and responsibly, and many of their products are built with “Power Saving Technology.” Both the Programat EP 3000/G2 and the Programat EP 5000/G2 offer users the option to save power through a “Stand-By” Key. When the EP 3000/G2 or the EP 5000/G2 is in stand-by mode, its power consumption drops by 40%. Beyond saving the technician on energy costs, using the Stand-By key represents a simple, easy step for any laboratory technician who is looking to run an environmentally friendly laboratory. “It is extremely important to us at Ivoclar Vivadent that the products we create are not only good for the laboratory technician, but also environmentally friendly,” says Whitney Falkowski, associate marketing manager at Ivoclar Vivadent.

Ivoclar Vivadent’s EP 3000/G2 and EP 5000/G2 pressing furnaces offer laboratory technicians convenient, efficient pressing options that consistently turn out amazing results. “Our pressing furnaces are just one example of the high quality and innovative products we sell to the dental laboratory,” says Falkowski. “It is our goal to continue to bring to market cutting-edge technology that will aid in shaping the future of the dental industry.”


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