Inside Dental Technology
April 2012
Volume 3, Issue 4

Multi-Channel Marketing Tips

Combine different marketing channels to target your customers for a higher response rate.

By Bill Neal, CDT

Multi-channel marketing has different definitions depending on the type of business you operate. For example, a B to C (business to consumer) manufacturer would use different channels in getting its products to the consumer than a B to B (business to business) manufacturer. The B to C manufacturer might use a distributor, an online source, or various chains or stores that will promote or sell its products, whereas the B to B manufacturer might use direct mail, e-mail, or even a Facebook page.

Multi-channel marketing is sending the same message or offer out to your existing or potential new customers using different channels or marketing mediums. Different product campaigns may also use either the same channels as previous campaigns or include other channels not used previously. The tip here is to use different channels to support your message as some channels may get a better response or act as the final buying trigger.

The most effective marketing is based on developing a coordinated campaign usually keying in on a particular product or service. It could also be a campaign centered on one or two products giving the prospect an option that he or she might be most interested in trying out.

Regardless of the marketing channel mix you use, it is vitally important to convey a consistent message on a regular basis to your target market. You may send your first message out early in the month and follow that up using a different marketing channel. However, you will need to remember to keep the message, as well as some visual elements, the same. Marketing strategies are developed to produce results over time, as one message builds upon another. Keep these tips in mind as you develop your marketing campaign:

  • Use different channels to reinforce your messaging
  • Understand that different channels may reach different prospects
  • Keep the messaging similar across products to “brand” your company
  • Track the results to guide your future efforts
  • Give the process time to produce results

Multi-channel marketing is a positive process and should be considered in any marketing campaign or strategy. Keep in mind that the consistency and frequency of getting the message out to potential clients is the most effective way to sell your products and services. This is a branding process, and it embodies everything that your customers and potential customers see or hear about your company. Make sure all of your visuals and messages are what you want your customers to think and know about you and your company.

About the Author

Bill Neal, CDT, is the founder of AMG Creative, Inc., in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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