Inside Dental Technology
Jul/Aug 2011
Volume 2, Issue 7

3Shape 3D Scanners

One system, multiple solutions.

At IDS 2011, 3Shape released its whole new range of 3D scanners for scanning gypsum models and impression models, bundled with either Standard or Premium versions of 3Shape’s scan and design software. This means that 3Shape is now offering its Dental System™ within a variety of solution options so that laboratories, regardless of their size or business model, can find suitable CAD/CAM tools to match their business needs and ambitions.

The main differentiators among the scanners in 3Shape’s line are performance parameters, such as speed, camera resolution, and accuracy level, plus the availability of features such as "Multi-Die" batch scanning and "Texture Scanning." 3Shape’s entry-level system comes with a design software package that covers the basic dental indications rather than the full range—but it can be upgraded later to include the full-indication package and additional advanced design tools. The solutions offered cover different types of lab work, throughput volumes, lab sizes, and business models.

Once the lab defines its own requirements, it can easily find the optimal CAD/CAM system in 3Shape’s product line-up. Larger labs may want multiple systems of various types—to efficiently set up workstations devoted to different purposes. Thus, 3Shape’s approach is probably a step in the right direction toward bringing more labs of varying sizes and types into the world of CAD/CAM, and for helping established digital labs expand their business and service possibilities.

3Shape is one of the few CAD/CAM solution providers that have chosen and adhered to the path of open-architecture systems. The open system approach allows labs to send their digital designs onward for production on any number of mills, 3D printers, or scans to other CAD systems. This means that users have the freedom to choose the most optimal production partners and materials in relation to result quality, competition, and their own business models.

The D500 Scanner

Small to medium-sized labs looking for a successful entry into digital dentistry should definitely consider 3Shape’s D500 3D scanner series that provides both gypsum model and impression scanning. Although it is an entry-level solution, the compact D500 is built with many of 3Shape’s scanning technologies, including "Adaptive Impression" scanning and the 3-axis motion system for complete capture of impressions, deep inlays, and full undercuts. The D500 is bundled with 3Shape’s Dental System™ Standard software, which contains tools for scanning and designing all of the basic dental indications. Dental System™ Standard can later be upgraded to Dental System™ Premium with its complete indication package. The D500 allows labs to enter the CAD/CAM arena with plenty of punch for their money, and the upgrade pathway possibilities for design software ensure their investment for the future.

The D700 Series Scanners

3Shape’s D700 series scanners are for medium to large labs where productivity is the key criterion. The popular D700 and D710 scanners have been on the dental market for more than a year and currently service thousands of labs all over the world. The D700 series is bundled with 3Shape’s Dental System™ Premium software enabling the full range of dental indications. The D710 additionally supports "Multi-Die" scanning for ultra-productive batch and multi-case processing. Dies for one or more cases are fixed to a special "Multi-Die" plate, and scanning of each die is performed automatically while the technician takes care of other tasks. The system feeds the dies rapidly and smoothly, and the resulting 3D models come out in perfect focus.

The D800 Series Scanners

3Shape’s D800 and D810 scanners are designed with 5.0-megapixel cameras to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and details for labs that provide advanced restoration work. One notable feature is their "Texture Scanning" capability that captures 2D images from the model surface and precisely overlays these on the 3D model. Not only does this enhance visualization of surface details, but also allows technicians to include hand-drawn design guidance marking in their digital design, such as removable partial sketches and margin lines. In combination with quality scan abutments, the high resolution of the D800 scanner facilitates the accurate capture of implant positions and orientations for designing implant bars and bridges with a tension-free fit. The D810 model additionally supports "Multi-Die" scanning.

With its latest releases and complete product line, 3Shape is once again demonstrating its deep understanding of the challenges facing today’s entire dental laboratory industry—both the established CAD/CAM centers as well as those labs seeking cost-efficient ways to join them.


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3Shape’s Dental System™ solution now comes with the new 3D scanning and CAD/CAM design technologies in both entry level and high-end solutions, reaching out to accommodate any lab size or need.

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