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Inside Dental Technology
June 2011
Volume 2, Issue 6

VITAPAN PLUS Denture Teeth

Anterior denture teeth designed to affordably meet the demand for function and esthetics for all mid-range denture needs.

Aiming for a perfect synthesis of esthetics and function, VITA has now modernized its classical VITAPAN denture teeth with a new, future-oriented design. Tested by approximately 300 dental professionals in more than 10 countries, VITAPAN PLUS was developed with the goal of optimizing the process but still retaining familiar working procedures.

VITAPAN PLUS features all of the same properties and manufacturing techniques that dental professionals have come to expect of VITAPAN denture teeth—outstanding physical properties, excellent esthetics, individual shade characterization, and natural appearance. They have also retained shade stability (even after grinding), minimal moisture absorption, and extremely low affinity to plaque, which are hallmarks of the original VITAPAN teeth.

VITAPAN PLUS anterior denture teeth demonstrate increased anatomic tooth morphology to closely mimic natural teeth for superior phonetics, esthetics, and feel. They also feature distinctive curvature (horizontal and vertical) for optimum support of the lip area. The slightly broadened tooth necks with a step-less transition to the tooth crown allow patient-oriented and hygiene-friendly gingival modeling with flexible design of the interdental spaces. Additionally, these teeth provide superior natural shade, light, and reflective properties.

Like all VITA denture teeth, they are made from Microfiller Reinforced Polyacrylic (MRP). The high-quality re-pressing technique used with this material ensures that the three distinct layers of enamel, dentin, and neck are uniformly and densely polymerized. This polymerization procedure eliminates the possibility of de-laminating or splintering of the layers. Furthermore, the chemical composition of the MRP material results in a high mechanical strength in the case of both mucosal and implant-born restorations.

VITAPAN PLUS anterior teeth are indicated for complete denture and implant prosthetics, attachments, model-casting prostheses, and telescopic and conus restorations. They are available in a compact assortment of 10 VITA 3D-Master shades and 10 VITA Classical shades. The mold numbering system is designed to be user-friendly for quick and accurate selection of the anterior maxilla and mandible teeth. There are 10 maxillary molds and five mandibular molds technically designed to be interchangeable with several of the maxillary molds. VITAPAN PLUS anterior teeth can be combined with VITA PHYSIODENS®, VITA LINGOFORM®, VITAPAN CUSPIFORM, and VITAPAN SYNOFORM posterior teeth. This reduces the volume of stock necessary to accommodate the variety of maxillary inventory that is needed for specific esthetic considerations, based on size and facial features.

VITAPAN PLUS anterior denture teeth are designed to affordably meet the demand for function and esthetics for all mid-range denture needs.


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